Bloodlines 2: Will It Ever Come Out?

Bloodlines 2: In an interview with the Swedish website Privata Affärer (translated by PC Gamer), Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive, stated that a release window for Bloodline 2 in 2023 is “absolutely not impossible.”

The development of Bloodlines 2, the sequel to Troika Games’ 2004 cult classic Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines, has been rocky. Hardsuit Labs had planned a March 2020 release for the product when development began. Bloodline 2 was not among the many things made available to the public in March 2020.

Bloodlines 2
Bloodlines 2

Both lead writer Brian Mitsoda and creative director Ka’ai Cluney were fired from their positions on the project in August of that year. Senior narrative designer Cara Ellison left the team working on Bloodlines 2 two months after she left.

Expectedly, after all that upheaval, this version of the game was nearly canceled, almost permanently, until Paradox handed the project over to another, still unknown, developer. With a possible release window in 2023, the fact that we still don’t know who’s developing the game is a bit peculiar. The paradox appears to be playing its cards close to the vest for the time being, especially in terms of a firm release window.

Looking at the pipeline, we’ve been a little hesitant to announce things after getting burned a little bit with Bloodlines 2, Wester said. We’re not releasing anything until we know the exact launch date or month.

Ubisoft has canceled pre-orders for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake, but the company maintains that it will still release the game.

Bloodlines 2 Announcement Trailer

We travel from the city of lost angels to Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. The vampire population has split up in this area, and numerous factions compete for control. Your character is caught up in a mass hug at the beginning of Bloodlines 2 when a bunch of vampires is kidnapped and forcibly changing humans into vampires.

Without the approval of the city’s Primogen (clan leader) or Prince, it is very forbidden even to change one person into a vampire (ruler of a town). If you are discovered, your spouse and child will typically die.

Once upon a time, the Camarilla controlled such matters and punished vampires who disobeyed the Masquerade. But if Bloodlines 2 is so chaotic, the Camarilla no longer wields the sway it once had. Older Camarilla leaders have vanished in the new Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition roleplaying book, with the majority being summoned by the Beckoning.

Primo gets, and Princes are no longer present in numerous cities worldwide, leaving their dominions vulnerable to competitors from rival groups. Cities like Seattle are easy prey, allowing even a newly transformed vampire to gain control over a city.

It’s difficult to predict how strictly, if at all, Hardsuit Labs and Paradox will adhere to that canon, given the controversies surrounding the 5th Edition. Perhaps some of the original vampires are still alive because the Bloodlines 2 website states that players will be able to “meet the old blood founders present since the city’s founding.”

The collective embrace, though, is perhaps the least outlandish thing that awaits us in Seattle. This Xbox 20/20 teaser video from May 2020 is a cinematic trailer with very little news to see and very little gameplay. The song, Danke Schoen, by Wayne Newton adds to the enjoyment.

Near the conclusion, you can see some rooftop jumping, some telekinetic combat, and that bat swarm skill listed below under the Chiropterans skills.

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Bloodlines 2 Gameplay

Here is a 30-minute gameplay demonstration from Gamescom 2019. It effectively conveys what it’s like to explore open Seattle and approach tasks however you please. The two developers’ remark on what is happening at this particular time in the story is also beneficial for understanding. Here is the version without comments if you prefer.

A mission to find a lowlife named Slug hidden in the Seattle underworld is seen in the 2019 extended gameplay trailer, coupled with a decision of how to handle him. You can see specific vampire abilities and ordinary guns in action between the two. Our PC Gaming Show has some developer thoughts on it as well. Additionally, Bloodlines 2 looks excellent with RTX.

Aside from the main plot, the player can complete side objectives, some of which can be found through exploring. The player has a phone and can text non-player characters to learn details that lead to additional tasks. It is possible to deal with enemies and opposing forces aggressively, sneak by them, or even entice them with the right skills.

The player can also join forces with one of five other factions. In contrast to abilities, ideologies shape factions, which determine the player’s allies and enemies. Depending on their behavior, some groups will refuse to cooperate with the player, and they can join many factions at once, remaining loyal or working against them from within.

The player character can feed on humans, take some or all of their blood, and collect blood from rats and bags like a vampire. Blood is necessary for survival. Resonances in human victims’ blood that signify their current emotional state, such as fear, want, pain, wrath, or joy, can be detected by vampiric senses that have been enhanced.

The player gains momentary improvements by feeding on particular resonances, such as increased melee power or seduction skill. A particular resonance can bestow merits, which are long-lasting improvements when fed on repeatedly.

Vampires have an innate talent called Soak that protects them from ranged attacks and allows them to take some damage before it affects their health. Their extraordinary physical prowess enables them to deal more harm to humans.

Bloodlines 2

The first five clans joining Bloodlines 2 are arriving, according to Paradox. One of the seven playable clans from the original Bloodlines game, the Brujah, was the first to be made public. Few of them are still alive in Seattle in Bloodlines 2, and those come from the discredited Anarch movement.

The fact that players begin as Thinbloods, or 14th or 15th-generation vampires, makes joining another vampire clan appear out of the ordinary. Instead of choosing a line at the beginning of the game, like in the first Bloodlines, the tale will reportedly have players join another clan later on as an outsider.

Although thin blood often belongs to their clan, some exhibit traits inherited from their ancestry or have the capacity to cultivate unique abilities. They will have more strength in Bloodlines 2 than in traditional tabletop mythology.

Those are the only clan Paradox is mentioning now, but the developer has said that Bloodlines 2 will have different lines after it is published.

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