Boogiepop Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, And All The Latest Details!

For the past two years, fans of the series have been eagerly awaiting Season 2 of Boogiepop. The first film piqued their interest with its blend of psychological suspense and terror. As a result, the show’s brief run did not satisfy their curiosity.

As a result, they’re clamouring for more episodes. So, has Madhouse ever decided to bring back a second season of this fantastic series? Take a look at what’s new below. The anime series Bugpoppu wa Warawanai, also known as Boogiepop and Others, is a Japanese work of dark fantasy and horror literature. It’s based on a light book series by Kouhei Kadono, of course.

Studio Madhouse was the first to come forward and acquire the source material for the anime. They debuted on January 4th, 2019, to a worldwide audience of viewers. A total of 18 episodes were produced, with the final one airing on March 29th, 2018.

Boogiepop Season 2 : Release

Psychiatric horror is one of the most popular genres among moviegoers. People adore watching thriller dramas that combine mystery and terror to create a spine-chilling experience for the audience. Due to its LN series, Boogiepop had a large fanbase even before the anime was released.

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The adaptation was eagerly awaited by fans, who were blown away by the final product. The anime adaptation was almost as popular with LN readers as the original work. As a result, they, along with the anime-only fanbase, began asking for Boogiepop Season 2 as soon as the first one was finished.

However, the creators or anyone else engaged in the development of the series hasn’t divulged anything regarding the sequel so far. As a result, many of their followers are dissatisfied, as they had hoped for more frequent communication from the band.

Boogiepop Season 2 : Is There Going to be a Third Season?

The anime’s first season was well-received by its target demographic. In addition, it received a positive review from critics. In addition, MyAnimeList has given the show a 7.09 rating. As a side effect of the LN series, the anime gained a large following as well.

They are now eagerly awaiting the sequel’s release. In a positive light, Madhouse Studio has plenty of material for future releases. This suggests that a second season of Boogiepop is almost certain. The manufacturers are expected to renew the second season and satisfy the requests of its followers as soon as this year is up to them.

New episodes could be available as early as the beginning of next year if that happens. As soon as the renewal comes, we’ll update this section.

Boogiepop Season 2 Cast

  • Ekzu (echoes): It was a creature that took on the last form of human evolution. An Echoes-based human clone, Manticore, was made by the Towa Organization. Manticore escapes from the Towa Organization, and Echoes sets out to capture and destroy the creature.
  • Naoko Kamikishiro (Kamikishiro Naoko) is a Japanese model and actress. He is going out with Shirou Tanaka, a third-year student at Shinyo Academy. She meets Echoes by chance and is impelled to help him, only to discover that they have a psychic connection.
  • Akio Kimura (Kimura Akio) is a Japanese actor. At Shinyo Academy, Kimura is infatuated with Naoko Kamikishiro, a fellow student and classmate.
  • Nagi Kirima (Kirima Nagi) is a Japanese actor. also referred to as the Fire WitchKirima, a second-year Shinyo Academy student, spends more time than she should in class delving into strange occurrences.
  • Manticore (Manteikoa) When the Towa Organization attempted to capture Manticore, the clone fled and disguised itself as Minako Yurihara. The Persian mythological beast Manticore inspired the name of this man-eating monster.
  • Touka Miyashita Miyashita, a second-year student at Shinyo Academy, goes out with Keiji Takeda, believing that they are living the lives of any other high school student.Boogiepop’s shinigami costume and accessories may be found in her Spalding sports bag, which she carries everywhere.
  • Kei Niitoki (Nitoki Kei) is a Japanese actor and director. Niitoki, a second-year student at Shinyo Academy and the head of the Discipline Committee, is respected and relied upon by her peers despite her small stature.
  • Masami Saotome (, Saotome Masami) is a Japanese actress. As a first-year student at Shinyo, Saotome is drawn to strong, erratic females. Nagi Kirima rejected him, so Manticore became the object of his affection.
  • Kazuko Suema (Suema Kazuko) is a Japanese actress. It is said that Suema, a sophomore at Shinyo Academy, has a remarkable understanding of criminal psychology. He is known by the alias “Keiji Takeda.” Before he met Boogiepop, Takeda thought he knew everything about Touka Miyashita, his girlfriend at Shinyo Academy.
  • Shiro Tanaka (Tanaka Shiro) is a Japanese actor. Tanaka Kamikishiro, a first-year Shinyo Academy student and rising star in the archery club, is going out with Naoko Tanaka.

Final Lines

The plot of the anime was based on the light novel series “Bugpoppu wa Warawanai.” Since 1998, this LN has been serialised. Its author has now gone on to write countless other books, including main stories and side stories.

Only the fourth and fifth volumes of the LN had been published by the time of the first season’s air date. This means that Madhouse Studio can use the leftover content for Season 2 of Boogiepop.

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