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Brain Works K Drama Release Date: The Korean drama Brain Works is a comedic mystery thriller that is very dramatic and exciting to watch. Geum Myung Se, a detective whose cantankerous demeanor makes those who aren’t close to him believe he’s a corrupt cop, is the subject of the story.

He is, nevertheless, a good and moral man who is only misunderstood. He gets into a small argument with neurologist Shin Ha Ru, and as a result of their interaction, they end up cooperating. Seol So Jung, a hypnotic investigator, assists the neuroscientist and detective in cracking cases of criminal activity.

Brain Works K drama Review
Brain Works K drama Review

What About Brain Works K Drama Release Date?

The third episode of Brain Works will air on Monday, January 9 at 9:50 p.m. (KST). The episode should be available at about 4 pm (GMT), however, Viki in particular may take some time. Viki’s subtitles typically take up to 24 hours to complete, but they are typically far more detailed and precise. Expect Vio to move more quickly. According to the schedule for the rest of the show, Episode 3 will last approximately 1 hour and 8 minutes.

Brain Works K Drama Plot

Neuroscientist Shin Ha-Ru (Jung Yong-Hwa) is in the field. He hails from a three-generation medical family and has accumulated a fortune through inherited property. Shin Ha-Ru is a self-assured individual who lives and speaks by his convictions, but he shows no pity to those he deems to be slime.

Detective Geum Myung-Se (Cha Tae-Hyun) is employed. People who are unfamiliar with him assume that he might be a dishonest police officer because of the way he acts and speaks while around people. Geum Myung-Se is actually a good and upright detective. He was formerly wed to Kim Mo-Ran (Ye Ji-Won). She has an especially powerful libido.

With the assistance of Hypnotic Investigator Seol So-Jung, criminal cases are successfully resolved by Shin Ha-Ru and Geum Myung-Se (Kwak Sun-Young).

The Main Cast And Characters Of Brain Works K Drama 

  • Jung Yong-hwa as Shin Ha-ru, a neuroscientist who has an “extraordinary brain”
  • Cha Tae-Hyun as Geum Myung-se, a detective who has an “altruistic brain”
  • Kwak Sun-young as Seol So-Jung, a forensic hypnosis investigator who has an “anxious brain”
  • Ye Ji-won as Kim Mo-ran, Myung-SE’s ex-wife who has a “sexual brain”

Brain Works K Drama Story Recap

Cases involving brain sickness are handled by a new division called the Neuroscientific Investigations Team, which includes the “shy brain” Seol So Jung and the “altruistic brain” Geum Myung Se. After a prominent rock star with Parkinson’s illness named Kim Jae Won is slain, his wife Jun In Young quickly admits that she is the one who killed him by turning on a high-frequency gadget that would interfere with his brain implants.

As a result, Shin Ha Ru, a talented but haughty neuroscientist, was chosen by Jung and Myung Se to assist them in their ongoing case inquiry. Myung Se unintentionally overhears his assistant murmuring that Ha Ru faked the consent paperwork from the deceased convict for his investigation into psychopaths’ brains as they are both waiting.

Myung Se was so inebriated after work that he unintentionally told his reporter friend the information. Ha, Ru lost his employment and his authority to do brain research once it became widely known that he had falsified the consent form. Ha, Ru chooses to work for the Neuroscientific Investigations Team after being sacked in order to clear his identity.

Haru learned that Jun In Young has a memory issue that makes it simple for her to manufacture and alter her memories when looking into Kim Jae Won’s death. The NIT has come to the conclusion that the murder was not committed by the victim alone. It was determined by a number of pieces of evidence that manager Oh Sang Ki assassinated Kim Jae Won and falsely accused In Young of doing so.

Sang Ki stated that he did it for Kim Jae Won because he knows him best during questioning. He is aware that he wants to maintain his ego and pass away at his best. But Myung Se argued that when his friend is at his lowest, he needs the support of the ones he loves.

Additionally, he disclosed that Sang Ki simply used Kim Jae Won’s infirmity as a pretext to kill him before he was unable to work for him any longer and suffered a significant financial loss. After completing the investigation, Haru is still driven to keep a close check on Myung Se, learn about his shadowy dealings, and confront him for leaking his information.

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