Brain Works K drama Review: The Other Side 2′ Hits an All-Time High!

Brain Works K drama Review: Brain Works is certainly entertaining to watch; I’ll be watching to see how the plot develops and whether we’ll get episodic cases or an overarching case throughout the drama’s run. Brain Works, on the other hand, will lean toward the former.

Of course, we’ll go over our lead’s secret, which hints at why he’s obsessed with studying psychopaths’ brains. Jung Yong-Hwa shines as Ha-ru, exuding charisma with his perfect hairstyle and intriguing suits. Cha Tae-Hyun also does an excellent job as Myung-Se. It’s my second time seeing him play a cop after Police University, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in the upcoming Brain Works episode. The show, please give us another epic bromance and a slew of intriguing cases.

Brain Works K drama Review
Brain Works K drama Review

Introducing The Cast And Characters of The Brain Works

We begin the Brain Works drama with a band performing on stage when the guitarist suddenly dies, and his wife insists she is the one who killed him. Because the cause of death is currently believed to be a brain hemorrhage, the case has been assigned to the neuroscientific investigation team, which includes our detective lead, Geum Myung-Se.

Myung-se refuses to take on the case. That case is receiving a lot of public attention, and if something goes wrong, it will be chewed out. Myung-Se, on the other hand, lacks the courage to speak up. Instead, he convinces the team’s shy and hushed captain, Seol Se-jong, to request that the case be assigned to another team.

Her low voice and stammering, however, do not help the situation and instead earn her a reprimand from the chief, who wants to use the case to gain fame for the team. Myung-se and Se-jong have no choice but to begin investigating the case. Interrogating the late guitarist’s wife yields crucial information.

The deceased suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Despite the success of the deep brain stimulation, he could no longer play the guitar, which felt like a death sentence to him. Desperate, he asks his wife to kill him by activating a high-frequency bracelet he illegally installed on his property.

Because there are no mannequins in the station, Myung-se and Se-jong must perform a simulation on themselves to verify the wife’s statement. That means they must seek assistance from a neuroscientist, specifically our leader, Shin Ha-ru, the pillar of the Brain Hub simulation center.

But there is one issue. So-Jung is skeptical that Myung-se will be able to defeat Haru. She is, however, correct in her concern. With Ha-charisma Ru’s over-the-top confidence, convincing him to cooperate will be difficult.

Fortunately, the case has piqued Ha-interest, and RU’s and he agrees to investigate it. There is no need for a simulation, however, because Ha-ru believes the culprit is someone other than the wife for reasons only he knows, and we must wait to find out why.

“Brain Works” debuts at No. 1 as “Missing: The Other Side 2” hits a new high.

“Brain Works” debuted on KBS2 after “Curtain Call” ended in 2022. According to Nielsen Korea, “Brain Works” premiered with a 5.2% national rating. “Brain Works” is a comedy-mystery drama about two men who can’t stand each other but must investigate a unique brain disorder criminal case. Jung Yong Hwa plays Shin Ha Ru, a brain scientist without humanity. Cha Tae Hyun plays Geum Myung Se, an altruistic detective.

“Trolley” episode 5 had a 3.9% national rating. This is up 0.3% from the previous episode’s 3.6% rating. tvN’s “Missing: The Other Side 2” received a personal high rating of 4.7%.

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