Chinese Netizens Attack NewJeans Instagram After the Brand Promoted Korean Paper

Brand Promoted Korean Paper: After NewJeans was featured in a commercial advertising traditional Korean paper, Chinese internet users went on a rampage against the company’s official Instagram account.  On January 6th, a video was published by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Craft and Design Foundation to promote the use of the traditional Korean paper, Hanji.

Brand Promoted Korean Paper
Brand Promoted Korean Paper

Individuals representing NewJeans made an appearance in this clip to demonstrate the production of Hanji and discuss the fabric.  However, shortly after the unveiling, a large number of Chinese netizens descended upon NewJeans’ social media accounts and flooded them with comments alleging that the company was an attempt by Koreans to steal Chinese traditional culture.

Many Chinese online commentators have asserted that the art of papermaking originated in China, and as such, any subsequent papermaking processes belong to Chinese culture and cannot be claimed as Korean culture. Hanji, Korean internet users pointed out, is not the same as the traditional Chinese paper, and the film itself never stated that Koreans invented paper.

“Why not try some Japanese Washi? Since the Chinese developed the papermaking process, their argument goes, all traditional papers around the world are Chinese “, and “The history of papermaking was not discussed. We hoped that by spreading the word of our Hanji traditional paper, we could attract more customers.”

The relevant video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. And what do you think?

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