Brothers Conflict Season 2: Release Date Status, Is It Coming Soon?

In the second season of Brothers Conflict, the plot seems to have been lifted from a Wattpad fan-fiction plot. Despite its eccentricities, the show premiered on July 2nd, 2013, and has since caused quite a stir in society.

It is based on a Japanese novel series written by Takeshi Mizuno and written by Atsuko Kanase and illustrated by Udajo, Brothers Conflict, also known as BroCon. Two PlayStation Portable games and a manga collection are available in addition to the anime adaptation.

As a result of its unconventional “Reverse Harem” storyline, many viewers of the show said they had to give up on the show halfway through Despite all of this, a sizable chunk of its audience has been eagerly awaiting Season 2. Is this the one we’ve been waiting for? Let’s take a closer look.

Brothers Conflict Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

Season 1 of ‘Brothers Conflict’ premiered on July 2, 2013, and concluded on September 17, 2013, with 12 episodes. A special episode aired on February 26, 2014, following this. It has since become common knowledge that the anime will be renewed, and many fans have even started petitions to do so. However, the Studio has made no announcements to this point.

Despite numerous unfounded rumors to the contrary, many anime fans believed the series would be renewed in 2017, but that was not the case. A new season of the anime appears to be all but impossible given that it has been a long time since its initial release and that Brian’s Base Studio appears uninterested in bringing it back. Even so, if there is any confirmed information about the second season of ‘Brothers Conflict,’ we will post it here.

Brothers Conflict English Dub

Funimation has the English dub of ‘Brothers Conflict.’

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Brothers Conflict Plot

She is a pretty young girl who lives with her father, but her life changes when he marries a wealthy fashion designer, bringing her into the world of the rich and famous. Her initial joy at having a new home and a larger family quickly fades when she realizes there are now 13 stepbrothers to contend with.

When Ema moves in with her stepbrothers to give her father some space, she is disappointed to find that she does not receive the attention she had hoped for. To their surprise, instead of treating her as an equal, the boys develop feelings for her and try to express them. How much longer can she put up with this unwanted attention?Brothers Conflict Season 2

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Brothers Conflict Characters

Hinata Ema

One of Rintarou Hinata’s only daughters, Ema, is an adventurer herself. She is renamed Ema as her father gets married to a fashion designer, and her father’s name is changed to Miwa. She is a beautiful woman, and she always wears her hair in a ponytail. When she’s not wearing baggy clothes, you can usually spot her light brown eyes.

She tries hard not to keep anything from her family and is known for her honesty. She also expects others to treat her with courtesy and respect. However, she is frequently let down by her family members, who frequently shun her. To this day, she strives to be a good daughter to her stepfather and tries to meet her stepmother’s high standards of propriety.

The first thing she does when her stepbrothers try to hit on her is to be completely honest about how she feels about them as brothers. Despite her best efforts, they keep falling more and more in love with her, even though her messages never reach them. Her stress is compounded by the unhealthy competition and conflict that this causes between the brothers.

This causes her to begin to blame herself for the family’s conflicts, and she also begins to believe they would be better off without her. Despite this, she never abandons her family and works to find a solution instead of fleeing. Although she cries herself to sleep at night, she refuses to give up hope that she will one day have the family she always wanted.

Masaomi Asahina

One of the thirteen Asahina brothers, Masaomi is the oldest and works as a pediatrician in the current events of the series. As a family man, he’s often called upon to mediate disputes when they get out of hand. He wears a stethoscope around his neck and has long brown hair with light brown eyes.

In his role as a father figure to all of his siblings, Masaomi is sometimes immature, despite his years of experience. As a result, it appears that he suffers from an inferiority complex because he knows nothing more than his medical knowledge at first glance.

Because he feels responsible for protecting Ema from others, but also begins to fall for her, he experiences a lot of emotional turmoil. Ema reaches out to him and tells him how much everyone admires him. That’s when he comes to terms with the fact that he must face his fears and assume responsibility for his family’s well-being.

Asahina Ukyou

Ukyou is the family’s other blond-haired sibling, and you can usually spot him in a black suit. All of his brothers looked to him to be their mother before Ema came to live with them, and he often cooked for them. But now that Ema has arrived, everyone is looking to her for leadership, and he begins to feel resentful.

Even he begins to fall in love with her when he sees how she cares for him. Due to his advanced age in comparison to the rest of the family, he feels obligated to hide his feelings for Ema.

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Brothers Conflict Trailer

For those of you who are curious about Brothers Conflict Season 1, here’s a look at the first episode:


Brothers Conflict’s first season premiered in 2013 with 12 episodes. In 2014, there was also a special episode. The Brothers Conflict anime series has been at a halt ever since. There have been no recent announcements about a second season, and the chances of it happening any time soon are extremely low. We’ll notify you if there are any updates.

Crunchyroll has the first season of Brothers Conflict available to stream.

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