BTS’ RM Finally Reveals The Secret 8th Member Of BTS? Who Is He?

The term “BTS is 7” is often heard in relation to BTS, and it appears to be quite self-explanatory. There are seven people who make up BTS, and they are all equally skilled and essential. BTS’ RM throughs lights on who is BTS’s 8th member? Is there really another member of BTS? Start reading to know all details:

If even one person wasn’t present, it wouldn’t be the BTS that people adore. But it hasn’t stopped people from coming up with amusing speculations regarding the band’s rumored eighth member. According to the idea behind the “invisible 8th member theory,” BTS frequently creates space large enough for a new member to fill.

Although it has never been confirmed, many ARMYs have joked that V’s dog Yeontan, actor Kim Seon Ho, or even Eric Nam could be the eighth member.

A member of the public has come forward to say that he believes BTS leader RM would make the best eighth member of the group.

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All throughout the world, ARMYs have started receiving their BTS Fan Kits as of late. Naturally, many people have been spreading around photos of the group with everyone looking just perfect.

Members also write heartfelt notes to ARMYs in Korean, English, and Japanese, which are included in the album alongside the images. All of the letters were touching, but RM’s stood out for its uniqueness.

Naturally, he sent a sincere message about how his ARMYs is his source of strength, and how the words he says to them can provide them solace even while they are separated. His introduction, in which he revealed that ARMYs was in fact the eighth member of BTS, was the highlight, however.

A lot of ARMYs were taken aback by how cute RM looked in the photo. Some fans have joked in the past that BTS doesn’t like the eighth member, but this evidence shows that this is completely untrue. They expressed their delight at the statement’s public release on social media, noting that it “showcases the closeness between BTS and the fans.”

Many have also noted that BTS’s reluctance in the past to discuss about adding a new member may be one reason the group is so close. They appear to have always had ARMYs as their one and only.

It’s no secret that BTS and its ARMYs have always been close. Still, RM’s inclusion of the audience in the group dynamically illustrates the depth of their devotion. If any famous person wishes to join BTS as the group’s eighth member, it seems that ARMYs around the world have already done so.

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