BTS: A New Member Will Take Jin’s Place After He Reports For His Mandatory Military Service

BTS: A New Member Will Take Jin’s Place After He Reports For His Mandatory Military Service. Jin from BTS will soon begin his South Korean military duty. When some social media users claimed that Jin might be replaced during the time he would be severing the country, the BTS ARMY became concerned. Since this rumor went viral on social media, people have been asking if it’s genuine because they find it impossible to envision Jin being replaced.

So allow us to inform you that all of this news is untrue and unsupported. When a miniature robot from Jin’s latest album, Astronaut, was greeted by the ARMY on social media, it generated news. On Twitter, Jin revealed the first image from his solo song. Regarding the song’s debut on Reverse, BigHit released a formal statement. “Hello,” it said.

This music is a BigHit. The Astronaut, the debut solo single from BTS member Jin, will be made available on October 28, 2022. We hope that “The Astronaut” will be a present to each and every one of you because it was written with such love for the fans. Throughout the creation of this song, we also planned a number of promos for the fans.

It said, “Please be very excited and supportive of this campaign so that you can get to know Jin on many other levels. Pre-order time: beginning at 11 a.m. on October 19, 2022. (KST) Release time: Friday, October 28, 2022, starting at 1 PM (KST). I’m grateful.” According to the official announcement, BTS member Jin will be the first to join the unfamiliar.

The septet’s collective activity will momentarily cease as a result of the change. But, “Following their military obligation, BTS members and the company are eager to reunite as a unit once more around 2025, according to label Bighit Music. Currently, the BTS members are making progress with their preparations to complete their military duty.

Jin, a member of the group, will start the procedure as soon as the end of October, when his solo release plan is complete, arrives. He will next adhere to the Korean government’s recruitment process. Other group members intend to complete their military service in accordance with their own personal intentions, “In a statement, Bighit stated.

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