BTS’ Agency Declares that They Will Join Military Service

Since their 2013 debut, BTS has been a global phenomenon thanks to their record label BigHit Music however, the label recently revealed that the members of the boy band will be leaving to comply with a mandate from the South Korean government.

The band’s star has been steadily on the rise over the past several years especially in the last six when they reached their peak in their native nation and began conquering the rest of the world. Even though the seven members may feel like the dream is slowing down after a string of hit singles, several sales and streaming records were broken, multimillion-dollar contracts, and extremely successful shows, the dream is far from over.

The corporation has issued a statement clarifying that Jin, the eldest member at the age of 29, will be the first to register for the military service required by the militia followed by Suga the eldest member at the age of 29. The other members, meanwhile, will very certainly also undertake a year of music-related activities before completing their military service in order to return as seven in 2025, as was previously announced by the record label. Let’s figure it out.

With just over three years until the BTS reappearance in 2025, each member has time to complete one year of commercial activity with their careers before enrolling in the military service as required by the militia.

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Since this is the final time we’ll see all seven members onstage at once, it looks like they really enjoyed themselves during the “Yet To Come In Busan” event. We hope the best for the boys in whatever the near future has for them, be it new music or time in prison.

Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin, who is also in charge of military matters, stated in August 2017 that BTS members will be allowed to engage in economic ventures abroad during their military service, but would not be excused from conscription.

To read the complete company statement, click here.

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