HYBE Will Help Support BTS’ Busan World EXPO 2030 Concert in October

With this clarification, HYBE and, by extension, BTS has put to rest suspicions about the dispute surrounding the funding for BTS’ Busan World EXPO 2030 Concert in October. A few minutes after tickets went on sale for the concert, it was announced that they were all gone, further attesting to the septet’s worldwide fame.

The initially planned location, Ilgwang Special Stage, was deemed unable to hold the anticipated crowd size, prompting organizers to switch to Busan Asiad Main Stadium. Still, suspicions about the concert’s price tag persisted, so HYBE issued a new statement to set the record straight.

HYBE has stressed that funding will come from various sources, including corporate sponsors, internet streaming commercials, a subsidiary firm of THE CITY, etc. The rest, they say, will be paid for by the business itself. BTS will also not charge any admission because they have always wanted to perform for their fans for free.

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HYBE has stated that, even in the past, when working on initiatives involving the nation’s interest, BTS has not considered the cost because it was the taxpayer’s money and has instead focused on giving high-quality results. They said that HYBE and BTS are proud of their contributions to the country. Without sacrificing quality, they will do everything in their power to make the Busan concert a decisive factor in the city’s candidacy for the 2030 World EXPO.

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