BTS Is Never Stopping In Their Support Of Member Jungkook’s Legendary World Cup Show

BTS Is Never Stopping In Their Support Of Member Jungkook’s Legendary World Cup Show. A performance of “Dreamers” by Jungkook of BTS at the World Cup on November 20 garnered widespread attention for the group. Finally, on November 20th, the time had come. ARMYs all around the world couldn’t hide their excitement hours before the performance, and as the big moment drew nearer, tweets and trends related to Jungkook’s performance swamped social media.

Predictably, BTS members also showed their excitement for their youngest member’s performance on social media, proving that ARMYs weren’t the only ones looking forward to the show. J-Hope was the first to upload, showing his audience a clip of him watching the pre-event commercials and the ceremony itself.


Later, he released a film on Weverse in which, upon seeing Jungkook on screen, the idol exclaimed, “JAYKAAYY,” demonstrating his genuine enthusiasm for the performance. Next up was Suga, who captioned a photo of himself watching the event with the words “LET’S GO JAYKAYYYYYYYY!” V, even after a long flight from Paris, made it clear that he was still keeping an eye on things and wasn’t alone.

The fact that V’s dog Yeontan was there to watch with the idol was a big hit with ARMYs. Many fans also assumed that J-Hope and RM were in attendance at the opening ceremony together after witnessing their Instagram stories.

The backgrounds of recent Weverse and Instagram photos by J-Hope all seemed to have been created by RM. By posting a picture of his TV screen during the opening ceremony, the star confirmed that he, too, was following the event.

Naturally, Jungkook utterly slayed the task, receiving praise for his huge expertise, visuals, and charisma in front of such a massive scale and worldwide audience. During the effectiveness, everyone in the group was watching together and giving their two cents to the ARMYs.

Suga showed off a close-up of Jungkook and gushed about how well he did in the performance, attributing his success to his skill. Also, Jimin said that he was currently watching the present with the message, “So cool.”

RM also posted a video of the show, accompanied by several flame emojis to show how much he enjoyed seeing Jungkook perform. In a separate post, J-Hope simply captioned the video “Goosebumps.”

As was to be expected, the members of BTS are their biggest fans, thus it is not surprising that they made sure to see Jungkook during one of the biggest performances of his life.

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