BTS’ J-Hope Responds To Crush’s Apologies For Racism

The popularity of South Korean pop sensation Crush plummeted after he was accused of being racist toward his followers. The initial poster of a video showing Crush extending his hand to fans and then retracting it said that the rapper backed away because of his dark skin.

Amid the uproar, Crush issued an immediate statement of regret, reading: “Hi everyone, I just wanted to address the problem circulating around the audience interaction from my performance yesterday at the 2022 Someday Pleroma Festival. After being away for around two years, performing in front of my most devoted fans was an experience I will never forget, so I made a beeline for the audience and immediately extended my hand.

To clear up any confusion, he continued:

“I had to refrain from giving out high-fives with the fans in particular sections as a safety precaution; fans were getting too close to the fences, holding up the audience section, and I saw that those in the front row were getting pushed against the fence, so I made a quick judgment not to approach for the safety of fans. I apologize for any confusion my words or deeds may have caused. I care deeply about all of my supporters and would never treat any of them unfairly”

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However, this apology was not well received on social media, and many people were especially upset since BTS rapper J-Hope, who had recently worked with Crush, liked the post. Many ARMYs were quick to jump to J-defense, Hope’s saying that he did not deserve the criticism that he was receiving.


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The way he liked Crush’s post was not it, one user commented, so Hobo should probably stop loving everything he sees on the TL. To which another user responded, “All of you putting Hobi under the bus were literally waiting for the day he makes a mistake,” demonstrating their staunch support for J-Hope. What evidence do you have that he supports Crush’s agenda?

In addition, one person said, “Crush’s article wasn’t really about apologizing for his bigotry because nowhere he mentioned, how was Hobi meant to know?” One person commented, “As much as I love Hobi, I’m not excusing him for liking the post. If it was something he enjoyed without thinking, he needs to be aware of the dangers associated with someone of his influence blindly liking something and pay attention to what he’s liking because it makes him complacent.

BTS' J-Hope
BTS’ J-Hope

We as black ARMY can’t keep using the “hey they didn’t know” excuse, thus I think it’s time for BTS to start screening the artists they work with in the future. Crush has been accused of racism before; he was mocked for wearing blackface on a previous reality show.

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