BTS’ Jimin Reacts to a Fan’s Obscene Gesture

The reaction of one of BTS’s members, Jimin, to an inappropriate proposition from a fan has piqued the interest of the band’s fans all over social media. The fans, or the ARMY as they are known, were moved by the singer’s demeanor.

We enjoyed a live stream from Jimin on the platform Weverse on the morning of October 12th, for his 27th birthday, which was on the 13th, but we got it on the 12th due to the time difference.

Aside from spending his birthday with his fans, the “Butter” singer read several of the comments submitted on the live feed. There was one message that stood out among the many that spectators left for the musician. It was an ARMY member who made a highly impassioned request that the idol did not understand at first, or so he wanted us to believe.

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Jimin read the following Comment:

You are not a chair, but I want to sit on you. A bold confession.

The birthday kid didn’t grasp the message at first, as seen by his facial expressions and the fact that he didn’t say anything after reading it, as if he was pondering about it.

Then, he said: What is that? It looks like that’s one of those things that get lost in translation.

Fans laughed at Jimin’s reaction, finding it amusing that he didn’t get the humor at first. Jungkook sent Jimin a birthday message, which was met with laughter by the fans.

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