BTS’ Jimin Receives A Fanart-Inspired Tattoo Thanks To BFF V

The members of BTS are just a few of the many idols challenging the traditional Korean view of tattoos by getting inked. Jimin, from BTS, is one of the group’s members who has never been bashful about displaying his creativity. His incredible artwork has impressed online audiences for years. Here you will know details relating to BTS’ Jimin Tattoo. Did he get any new tattoos? Fans can’t wait to see what Jimin inks next.

The latest addition to Jimin’s collection was revealed to the internet earlier this year.

At Olympic Stadium in Seoul on March 10, BTS gave their first live performance in Korea since the outbreak began. The band returned for an encore at the end of the performance, wearing all-black outfits. When Jimin turned around, his fans saw two new tattoos, one of which was a beautiful crescent moon at the base of his neck.

Later that year, fans got an even better look at the stunning tattoo when she was spotted at the airport. It appears that there may be more to the moon tattoo than was initially thought.

BTS' Jimin Tattoo
BTS’ Jimin Tattoo

A live broadcast on Weverse from Jimin on September 18 surprised netizens with news about his upcoming music, Instagram, and other projects.

Jimin was hesitant to share the tattoo’s backstory on air but ultimately decided to. At first, he only had one moon at the nape of his neck. However, the airport preview photos proved that there was more than one… You can thank BTS’s V and their ARMY for that.

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Jimin said he’d always had a single moon tattoo at the back of his neck, but V inspired him to get more after showing him some fan art. Jimin then displayed the photo V had supplied him, a stunning portrait of Jimin with moons running down his spine and created by an ARMY. Jimin continued, saying that he found the artwork so stunning that he wanted to incorporate it into his existing design.

Jimin tried to explain to ARMYs why it was so difficult for him to reveal his tattoo. He then left viewers with the tantalizing promise that they would see the entire tattoo “at some point.”

Inevitably, internet users sought up the original artwork, which had been initially published by Twitter user @ArizzoStudios in March. This image is stunning up close, and it’s easy to see why Jimin was moved to include it in his tattoo.

After the show ended, fans on the internet couldn’t stop talking about what Jimin had said. Many saw this as evidence of the power of fan art and how much the ARMYs are appreciated for all they do.

If the final tattoo is anything like the concept art, ARMYs will be glad they waited.

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