BTS’ Jin Responds To V Dating BLACKPINK’s Jennie After HYBE Decides To Sue

BTS V and Jennie of BLACKPINK  dating rumor went popular on Twitter when a fan posted a photo of the two of them together. HYBE has just made an official statement in which it threatened legal action against the rumour-mongers.

Another member of BTS, Kim Seokin ka Jin, addressed the rumors, asking, “What did the haters do to be sent to prosecutors?” They are courting disaster by doing so. In response to the news, a member of the BTS ARMY commented, “glad that Hybe/Bighit is working to get those criminals and protecting bangtannies privacy (something YG couldn’t do). However, the results are considered bonks by the KR side, so they are not happy. Likewise, the statement addressing “the” dating rumor, which is neither ambiguous nor clear, has been mysteriously absent. “He’s been on the air for five months and nobody’s said anything.

“File additional criminal complaints against postings with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans as well as collected through our monitoring initiatives,” the entertainment company of BTS said in an official statement regarding the rumors.

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The message started out, “Hello. BigHit Music, right here. Every time someone engages in defamation, personal attacks, s*xual harassment, the dissemination of false information, or malicious criticism of BTS, our company will pursue legal action against them. It is our intention to update you on the status of these initiatives. New information provided by fans and collected through monitoring initiatives has allowed us to file additional criminal complaints against postings containing personal attacks and defamation.”

It went on to say, “We have found multiple defamation postings containing false information about the artists on platforms in and outside of Korea. We have also collected evidence that indicates the same malicious rumor has been circulated across several platforms by the same poster and have filed a criminal complaint against that person. For the next year, we will be following our legal response process, which involves monitoring and collecting evidence on offensive postings before including it in the complaint. The vigilant reporting of our supporters has greatly aided our efforts to keep an eye out for malicious posts.”

V Dating BLACKPINK's Jennie Rumor pics
V Dating BLACKPINK’s Jennie Rumor pics

After an extensive police investigation, we were able to identify the culprit, and the matter has been turned over to the prosecutor’s office. Big Hit regularly gathers data on harmful BTS-related content online, reports it to the proper authorities, and files criminal complaints.

We want to reiterate that our policy of no settlement and no leniency remains in place and that we will continue to initiate stringent measures to prevent the recurrence of these malevolent activities. Please keep using our abuse reporting hotline ( to let us know about any incidents. We’re not done fighting for the protection of our artists’ rights yet. Please accept my sincere gratitude “You should check out the report.

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