BTS Jin Solo Album Sells One Million Copies In Circle Chart History

BTS Jin Solo Album: After J-solo Hope’s debut, BTS’s eldest member Jin made his solo debut with a single album. The Astronaut has been significant for the band and its legions of adoring fans in many ways since its release.

Music charts

With Coldplay, Jin collaborated for the second time after ‘My Universe,’ and the resulting single debuted at No. 51 on the Billboard Hot100. On the Official Official Singles Chart in the United Kingdom, he debuted at number 61, tying a record previously held by PSY.

BTS Jin Solo Album
BTS Jin Solo Album

According to the data given by Circle Chart, his most recent success is the sale of 1,024,382 copies of The Astronaut (earlier known as Gaon Chart).

Third million-seller

The BTS member’s album is only the third in Billboard history to sell over a million copies by a solo artist. Following EXO‘s Baekhyun and Lim Young Woong, a trot-ballad singer is Jin.

The BTS member, who is short to be obligated to serve in the armed forces, has accomplished something very remarkable by being a million-seller.

The Military Career of Jin

It was reported that a member of the gang had decided to enrol, providing an update to the national duty debate that had gained international attention.

Jin is the first recruit to request that his delay notice be withdrawn, suggesting that he may enlist before his 30th birthday on December 4.

According to his latest response to a fan on Weverse, he may also be sent to the front lines for his basic military training.

BTS’s Jin Announces Plans To Release Solo Album With Mystery Collab

Jin, a member of BTS, is next in line to drop a solo album. On October 15th, Jin surprised and delighted fans by announcing the imminent release of his debut solo single album.

At the end of BTS’s performance for the World Expo 2030 in Busan, Korea, Jin said, “Finally, I have something to tell you…” Since my album came out, I’ve joined the ranks of J-Hope as the second [BTS member] to do so.

It’s only a single, not an entire album or anything. Later, Jin hinted, “I was able to work together with someone that I’d always really liked, so I’ll be releasing a new song. I’ve been filming a wide variety of new material, and there’s still a tonne more to come; I’m excited for you to see it all.

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