BTS: Jungkook’s Birthday Secret For Jimin Leaves JiKook Fans Weak

BTS: Jungkook’s Birthday Whisper For Jimin Leaves JiKook Fans Weak. Jimin, the lead singer of BTS, celebrated a birthday today, and his bandmates are all out to praise him. Yet Jungkook went beyond merely showing his affection for Jimin by surprising the group’s devoted followers. The Still With You singer surprised fans by releasing a new thirst trap for Park Jimin’s birthday at 4 am KST, which promptly went viral.

After an extended absence, Jeon Jungkook has returned to Reverse with a one-minute-plus video that has caused many fans’ hearts to skip a beat. Before saying, “Jjyaman, happy birthday, happy birthday, bro.” in the video, Jungkook removed his glasses, combed his hair, took a big breath, contemplated, and peered intently into our eyes, and finally uttered the words.

Fans of Jikook all over the internet are pleading for forgiveness after watching the video. After not participating in reverse highlights for three years, Jungkook finally returned for Jiminie’s birthday to say, “….. h..happy birthday, bro.” The man is casting golden spells for Jimin. Someone should “some1 check up on him here. Need time & still digesting,” as one admirer tweeted.

“Jeon Jungkook, what about our mental health? Just crashed to the floor,” another poked fun at. Simply put, YOU ARE STUNNING. ‘I am yours,’ proclaimed a third devoted follower. I’m not doing well at all. This BTS fan is deadly serious,” said a fourth supporter.

In the meantime, J-Hope used Jimin’s birthday to gift fans previously unseen photos and videos of the singer on Twitter. He uploaded a clip of their most recent aerial yoga session, in which Jimin demonstrated his willingness to perform a series of poses in the air. J-Hope captioned the hook, “Our jjyamanie.. and yoga..”. Despite my best efforts, my camera roll seems to be entirely devoted to photos of you, which I had previously assumed I had deleted. Labyu, labyu, labyu, happy birthday.

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