BTS Member Taehyung Expresses Worry About Airport Crowds

BTS Member Taehyung Expresses Worry About Airport Crowds. BTS V Expresses Worry About Airport Crowds. While BTS’ Taehyung delighted ARMY with images of him and the gorgeous places he saw in Paris, his supporters were concerned about the chaos surrounding his departure from Europe.


The member of the K-Pop boy band had only been in Paris for four days when he headed back to the airport. The idol eventually revealed his views on the calamitous airport departure time. V, for his part, was upbeat, meeting ARMY with a smile on his face as he went.

Many people, however, saw that he appeared to be accompanied by simply a member of the security team and his manager. ARMY was quite concerned to see Taehyung unprotected amid so many eager fans and media members.

Several individuals allegedly followed V around as he performed. Fans of the boy group commended the manager for keeping him safe on social media despite his manager’s dissatisfaction with BigHit Music.

Taehyung shared a photo from his journey along with an essay expressing his worry for ARMY and the other passengers after witnessing the chaos that ensued upon his departure from the Paris airport.

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