BTS Suga Impressed The Army With His Energetic Dancing Performance

BTS Suga Impressed The Army With His Energetic Dancing Performance. Members of BTS are always surprising their fans with new and exciting material. Now, it’s Suga, alias Min Yoongi, who joins the ranks of others who have done so.

The Septet member has been showing off his long hair for some time, and we can’t help but gush over it. His most recent Instagram image, in which he wears his long, untidy hair casually, is a prime illustration of this phenomenon.

BTS Suga
BTS Suga

Suga’s amazing dance

The BTS members’ last public performance was only a few weeks ago, during a concert in Busan. There, the Army saw Suga bust out his sick movements, and once again, the troops went absolutely nuts.

In a recent social media post, BTS showed all of its members dancing to Run BTS nonstop during a practice session. Again, Suga’s hair bun and thrilling dancing moves alongside the other members have us glued to our seats.

Earlier news

Suga’s one-of-a-kind photograph that quickly went viral a few weeks ago thrilled the Army. But neither BigHit Music nor Min Yoongi’s official account posted the photo. Then you are correct in thinking that.

Twitter’s official Golden State Warriors account shared a photo of a BTS member posing with the team’s superstar player, Stephen Curry. The basketball squad is currently in Japan for exhibition matches. Suga, a musician and rapper, is also present as a special guest and will perform at Friday’s game in Tokyo’s Saitama Super Arena.

The photos and videos

In the end, the Army saw more photos of BTS member Suga with Stephen Curry and the rest of the squad, which made them very happy. One of the videos had the description “selfie of the year!” on the official Golden State Warriors Twitter page.

It is common knowledge that Suga is a die-hard basketball lover. Did you know that his stage moniker is a tribute to his favourite basketball position, the shooting guard? In honour of his recent visit, the squad members presented him with a jersey that features his name and the number 3. Stephen Curry quickly responded to the BTS singer’s gift and invitation with a tweet of his own.

Suga and Stephen

When the two global superstars finally met, it was a touching moment for their legions of fans all over the world.

Stephen Curry gave Suga a bear hug and said his whole family is a big BTS fan. He then proceeded to tell Suga, “I’m a big fan, all of my kids and everybody in the family. I’m happy to finally put a face to your name.

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