BTS’s Jin Provides A Detailed Justification For Delaying His Initial Enlistment Plans

BTS’s Jin Provides A Detailed Justification For Delaying His Initial Enlistment Plans. Jin of BTS recently addressed the delay in his military service in a live broadcast. On October 28, Jin released his first solo track, titled “The Astronaut,” and he used a Reverse live broadcast to talk about it. Jin, who co-wrote “The Astronaut” with Coldplay, will sing the song’s debut at the band’s next show in Argentina.

Jin disclosed that he plans to start drafting paperwork for his impending military induction as soon as he returns to Korea from Argentina. BTS members are preparing to complete their mandatory military service, according to a statement released by BigHit Music earlier this month. Jin explained the backstory to this statement, saying, “I originally planned to enlist in June but to be courteous to fans, I waited until our October performance [in Busan].”

My decision to join the military was put on hold since I didn’t want to make an emotional announcement. According to him, BTS made their statement on October 17, two days after their concert in Busan on October 15. Jin elaborated that BTS released “Butter” and “Permission to Dance” for fans after the unexpected success of “Dynamite.”

“Since the two songs went so well, I feel it was appropriate that I stayed through that period,” he said. After “Permission to Dance” marketing ended, the band planned to do one last concert before joining the military, but they were unexpectedly booked to perform at the Grammys. Following the Grammys, Jin said that he had started the enlistment process.

Since “I don’t enjoy cold weather,” he was permitted to enroll during the warmer months of May and June. The video encouraging individuals to stop engaging in collective “promotions” in favor of individual efforts was shared with the world in June. There was some oblique talk about joining the military.

The concert by BTS at the World Expo 2030 in Busan, Korea, was the final straw that made Jin rethink his schedule. Earlier, Jin said that he was planning to enlist somewhere between spring and summer, or by fall at the very latest. The BTS performance was set for October, and it looked like it might be the group’s last chance to perform together before the members enlisted.

Jin elaborated, “I pondered long and hard over whether to perform and visit the military during the warm weather that I prefer or to be kind to fans and visit the military during the chilly weather that they despise.” Jin settled on prioritizing his fan base. Jin explained that he opted to announce the concert because he “didn’t want fans to watch our performance while being unhappy that we announced it was the last.”

A new law passed in December 2020 permitted the members of BTS to defer their military enlistment past the age of 28, which is normally the maximum age until which a South Korean man can wait to do his mandatory military service.

With obvious repercussions for BTS, this legal change has been dubbed the “BTS military service amendment” since it allows artists who receive the advice of the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to delay their mandatory duty until they become 30 years old by international reckoning. Politicians and regular citizens had been debating BTS’s eligibility for exemption from military service for years before the group’s announcement that its members would be enlisting.

The main focus of this problem is on the fact that the existing criteria for special military exemption do not include the value of modern arts. Athletes who achieve a bronze medal or better at the Olympics or a gold medal at the Asian Games are eligible for this exemption. Jin addressed this ongoing controversy by saying he thought it was unjust that the group was subjected to so much hostility.

Explaining their decision to wait, he stated, “We just didn’t want a tearful [Busan] performance, but we received so much criticism as people here and there claimed ‘it’s true they aren’t going or ‘they have to go.'” While this is unfortunate, at least the audience was spared a tearful performance. I received some criticism, but overall I’m pleased.

Jin concluded by saying that it’s difficult to discuss the couple’s enlisting, but that he feels better for having done so. Jin will begin the enlisting process upon his return to Korea, though BTS has not yet announced an official enlistment date for the member.

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