BTS’s Jungkook’s Chopstick Hack Gets Major Internet Play for Being Epic

Half of BTS sat down for a talk during their most recent live broadcast, and the opportunity presented itself for Jungkook to show off a chopstick hack that fans probably weren’t expecting.

Since spicy ramen wasn’t to his liking, Jimin gave Jungkook his bowl.

Given that there were two sets of chopsticks in the dish, Jungkook used one of them to try a bite. Leaning down with the second pair close enough to jab his face was something he quickly recognized was a bit risky.

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Unusually, Jungkook wanted to wear both sets simultaneously. Extremely astute spectators saw it right away.

Many ARMYs reacted favorably to the idea that Jungkook had once again taught them something new by posting messages on the social networking site Twitter. In fact, they questioned how it was even possible to use that many chopsticks at once.

This one simple trick makes it look like Jungkook already lives in the year 2030.

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