Netizens Has Voted Jimin as BTS’s Most Mature Member

BTS’s Most Mature Member: According to the Internet, Jimin is the most developed of the BTS boys. “If you know a little about Jimin, this isn’t unexpected, but those who only know him for his looks, they notice his cute and aegyo-filled maknae image,” the user wrote regarding Jimin’s maturation on the Nate bulletin board Pann on December 8.

The poster then quoted the BTS members’ comments about Jimin. RM expressed about Jimin, “I have a lot of respect for Jimin. He’s the most adult in our group in a way,” j-hope said, “Jimin is my dongseng, but sometimes I feel that he’s my Hyung. He likes to joke around, but the way he thinks is mature,” and SUGA previously commented, “I’m not a talkative or funny person, but I get along with Jimin because he’s so good-humoured and mature.”

Netizens also commented, “Jimin is considerate and deep,” “I hope Jimin releases a solo album soon,” “Jimin should do what he wants to do,” and more.

Most Mature Member Jimin
Most Mature Member Jimin


Park Ji-min, better known by his stage name Jimin, is a singer and dancer from South Korea. Under the auspices of Big Hit Entertainment, he made his official debut in the public eye in 2013 as a member of the South Korean boy band BTS.

South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart has featured all three of Jimin and BTS’s solo releases (“Lie” in 2016, “Serendipity” in 2017, and “Filter” in 2020). First published digitally in 2018, he co-wrote and co-composed the song “Promise” as his debut solo effort.

As a member of a duet with Ha Sung-woon, he had an appearance on the soundtrack for the 2022 TvN drama Our Blues. On October 13, 1995, in the Geumjeong District of Busan, South Korea, Park Ji-min entered the world. His parents and younger sibling are his immediate family.

Growing up in Busan, he went to Hodong Elementary and Yonsan Middle. Before entering training, Jimin studied contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts, where he excelled academically and became one of the school’s top students in the modern dance department.

The teacher who suggested he try out for an acting troupe was essential in his eventual connection with Big Hit Entertainment. After making it through the auditions in 2012, he enrolled in Korean Arts High and graduated the following year.

Jimin received his degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment from Global Cyber University in August 2020. He started graduate school at Hanyang Cyber University for an MBA in advertising and media in the year 2021.

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