BTS’s Newest ‘Run BTS’ Dance Practice Video Describes How Passionate The Members Are

BTS’s Newest ‘Run BTS’ Dance Practice Video Describes How Passionate The Members Are. Jimin of BTS once again wowed fans by effortlessly displaying his stage brilliance, dance god, and dance king skills, as well as his brand power. BTS shared the “Run BTS” dance practice and challenge videos on their TikTok and YouTube channels on November 13 and 14.

Jimin, dressed in his signature Balenciaga brand waistband stone washed denim pants, a 77circa create separate rib sweat top, white and vanilla Nike Air Force 1 vintage sneakers, and his signature long brown hair, gave a forceful and gripping performance of the song.

'Run BTS' Dance Practise Video
‘Run BTS’ Dance Practise Video

Fans were blown away by Jimin’s muscular and precise body motions, which exploded with intensity while remaining in perfect time with the music. Several techniques had Jimin using one leg as a pivot while the other was off the ground, showcasing his incredible balance and core strength.

Particularly, a scene was revealed in which Jimin’s abs were in full view after his top was pulled out of the way by the intensity of his dancing, delighting fans with tremendous excitement. Magnum Ice Cream and other verified accounts couldn’t help but go nuts over it.

Jimin’s concert in Busan, his rehearsal, and the TikTok challenge he did with Yoongi were all featured in a compilation video. All three examples demonstrated his main dancer’s skill by displaying his ability to move in perfect time with himself and the music.

A number of idol groups accepted the challenge and started imitations of Jimin’s sudden turn of the head during the execution of one of the manoeuvres, including Le Serafim, From 9, NewJeans, TXT, and others.

Jimin’s excellent singing in the song caused him to go viral; his section of the song is still the most often played, despite being the shortest. Jimin’s fan cams from BTS’s BUSAN concert performance also went viral, racking up millions of views on TikTok and other platforms after the group’s performance.

It’s not shocking that a video of his impressive performance in choreography practice went viral this time. Video clips of him continue to rack up hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of views and likes on sites like TikTok, and countless artists have been motivated to create works of art in his likeness.

South Korean musician and YouTuber Ji Young reacted to the dance practice by posting his thoughts and saying that Jimin’s dancing was his favourite.

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