Butch Patrick Net Worth: Know About His Personal Life And Career!

Butch Patrick Net Worth: Patrick Alan Lilley, is an American actor better known by his stage name, Butch Patrick. When he played the werewolf, Eddie Munster, on the CBS comedy series “The Munsters,” he shot to prominence at a young age.

In the TV movie adaptation of the series, “Munster, Go Home!,” Patrick reprised his role. He was included in VH1’s countdown of the 100 greatest child stars of all time. Patrick also made a guest appearance on the hit 1970s sitcom “Lidsville.”

However, Butch Patrick has been working as an actor for close to 60 years now, making appearances in both film and television. Nonetheless, he is best known for his cameo and supporting appearances in both television and film.

Since Patrick and Yvonne De Carlo worked together on “The Munsters” television series, Patrick says that Yvonne De Carlo has had a major influence in both his personal and professional life. She was a friend and guide who encouraged him in his acting endeavours and in life.

Butch Patrick Net Worth
Butch Patrick Net Worth

Butch Patrick Early Life

Patrick Alan Lilley was born on August 2, 1953, in Los Angeles, CA. His actress-aspired sister got him a part in a show she was producing when he was a kid.

Butch Patrick Career

The talent agent who discovered young Butch Patrick during a photo shoot knew about him when he was just a kid. Immediately, commercials for other brands began presenting him with offers. Soon after, Patrick was offered roles on television, and in 1961 he made his film debut in an unremarkable role on the drama series The Detectives.

His next film role was in “The Two Little Bears,” when he played the part of “Billy Davis.” After that, Butch Patrick was a regular guest star on shows including “Ben Casey,” “Alcoa Premiere,” “The Untouchables,” “General Hospital,” “Death Valley Days,” and “My Favorite Martian” during the course of the next few years.

In 1963, he was cast as “Greg Howard” on “The Real McCoys,” a comedy series. There were seven episodes in the show’s eighth and final season in which Patrick appeared. In the comedy-drama series My Three Sons, he portrayed the dual role of Gordon Dearing and Elmore Crocker.

In 1964, Patrick was cast in a role that would prove pivotal to the rest of his career. He was cast as the werewolf Eddie Munster on “The Munsters,” the only child of Herman and Lily. In the first episode, Happy Derman played Eddie Munster, the character who introduced Patrick.

Stars including Al Lewis, Yvonne De Carlo, Pat Priest, Beverley Owen, and Fred Gwynne made appearances. His success on the show led him to start seeing himself through the lens of his on-screen persona. Yvonne De Carlo and Al Lewis were two of Patrick’s closest friends when he met them on the show.

After Patrick’s run on the show, he was approached about doing cameos in movies and TV shows. In “Lidsville,” a comedy-drama series, he portrayed the role of Mark, and in “Macabre Theatre,” he played the recurring role of Eddie Munster.

Since 2003, Patrick has been in a slew of movies, including “Kitaro’s Graveyard Gang,” “It Came from Trafalgar,” “Young Blood: Evil Intentions,” and “Zombie Dream.”

Butch Patrick Personal Life

Donna McCall, a fan of “The Munsters” for many years, was previously Patrick’s girlfriend. The wedding never happened for the pair, and no one knows why. In 2011, Butch Patrick was diagnosed with prostate cancer, but because of early detection, he made a full recovery. And they’re still happily married as of 2016 with Butch Patrick to Leila Murray.

Legal Issues

Patrick was arrested on charges of assault and robbery against a limo driver in Illinois on November 2, 1990. However, he pleaded not guilty and denied the allegations against him. Butch Patrick was accused of kicking and punching the limo driver and stealing roughly $140 after two witnesses from a gas station testified against him in court.

Butch Patrick Net Worth
Butch Patrick Net Worth

A year later, a different passenger in the same automobile brought charges against him. The robbery charges against Patrick were dropped, but he was arrested for aggravated battery. There were fines of $200, 100 hours of community service, and $850 in restitution to the limo driver for his transgression. The county’s probation department also ordered him to enrol in a rehabilitation programme.

Butch Patrick Net Worth

Butch Patrick, an American actor who rose to fame as a child star, is now worth $250,000.

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