Car Hits Stroller, Kills18-Month-Old Boy in Los Angeles

An 18-Month-Old boy has become a victim of a freak automobile accident while he sat in his stroller by his grandfather’s tamale stand. Young Sebastien Morales has left his family in mourning over his death. A small memorial has been built on the corner where he had died, by the Our Lady of Peace Church.

The Family

“I feel like this is a nightmare that I’m just trying to wake up from,” Anna Morales, Sebastien’s mother, said through tears. “Because I try to take a nap, I wake up. I look for him. It’s so painful,” 

“I just lost my son over something that could have been prevented,” Anna continued on, recalling memories, painful as they may be. “He was always smiling and always dancing. He loved to dance. Anywhere he went, everyone, smiled at him. Everyone very loved him.”

Relatives and strangers alike come to little Sebastien’s memorial to mourn and offer condolences and comfort to Anna Morales. Anna reminisces upon the memory of her son.

“He was a preemie,” Anna said, recalling his birth. “He was in the NICU for 65 days. I watched him fight for his life when he was born, and it’s crazy an accident like this has taken him from me.”

The Crash

According to ABC7, the fire department said that the crash occurred on the 15500 block of West Nordhoff Street at roughly 7:30 Am. A Westward Bound 2016 Hond CRV took a left turn and crashed into a gray Toyota Camry, said the Los Angeles Police Department.

The crash had sent the Honda crashing into the sidewalk where the tamales stand was, hitting young Sebastien Chavez Morales and an unrelated adult pedestrian woman. The woman has been sent to a local hospital, and any further notice on her status is unknown. Sebastien’s condition, sadly, is much clearer.

The driver of the Honda stayed at the scene. However, the driver of the Toyota had initially fled the scene, but he presented himself to the police later on a Sunday afternoon. The police interviewed him, but no arrests have been made.