Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Release Date: What Can We Expect From it?

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Release Date: Although Makima has been trying to influence Chainsaw Man episode 11 so far, she finally discloses the entire scope of her schemes. If Denji is to stand a chance of beating Makima in their final battle, he will need the assistance of his remaining allies!

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Release Date

The eleventh episode of Chainsaw Man Season 1 will air on December 21, 2022, at 12:00 JST. There will be regional variations in the release’s time. On Tuesday, December 20, 2022, most international audiences will be able to stream the program.

Where To Download Chainsaw Man Episode 11?

On Amazon Prime Video and Crunchyroll, the episode will be streamable. In the United States, the series is accessible on Hulu.

What Happened in Chainsaw Man Episode 10?

After his run-in with Katana Man, Aki opens episode 10 in the hospital, where he is improving. Power and Denji are chatting while eating snacks in the same space as the man. Aki interrogates them regarding the attacker’s latest attack survivors. They inform him that few people, including Kobeni and Madoka, who recently resigned, survived. Despite being devastated by this, Aki maintains his composure. Denji and Power depart to see Makima, and Aki is sobbing as she thinks of Himeno.

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Release Date

He gets his sword back and inquires about his remaining time with the Curse devil. The cursed one responds, “Two years,” Later, Yutaro and Michiko run into Aki and inform him that they are from Kyoto and will assist Division 4’s coaches. She also introduces Power and Denji to Kishibe, who was Himeno’s previous teacher, at the meeting with Makima. They respond directly to a few queries from Kishibe, who is impressed.

As soon as Makima departs, Kishibe begins preparing them. Gun Devil is for Denji’s heart, after all. Together, Denji and Power attempt a fruitless attack on Kishibe. Kishibe stabs Denji multiple times and slices Power’s throat before they can react. Kishibe realizes that they are virtually immortal while they lay bleeding.

He no longer has to worry about injuring them when training them. Aki calls the fox Satan, but he doesn’t answer. Curse Devil is still on Aki. Yutaro and Michiko inform him that he must sign a new contract with a more powerful Devil or resign. Due to their exhaustion from training, Denji and Power resolve to use their cunning to attack Kishibe.

Even if they fail to defeat him the following day, he nevertheless commends them for their efforts. After the episode, Aki makes her way to Public Safety’s secure basement together with Yutaro and Michiko. They inform Aki that he needs to sign a deal with Future Devil. The contract will expect more of you, though. Aki and Future Devil are face to face as the episode closes.

What Can We Expect From Chainsaw Man Episode 11

We’ll probably see Aki and Future Devil interacting in the upcoming episode. In addition, Aki will have to make sacrifices to sign a deal with him. With Kishibe, the training is probably going to continue. While practicing, Denji and Power must devise fresh strategies to overcome Khisibe.

Both will realize that it will take a lot of effort to beat Kishibe, given his talent level. There will probably be 12 episodes in the first season of the show. We shall therefore learn how the series’ first season will end with just two episodes left.


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