Chelsea Manning now cancels Glenn Greenwald – 02/09/2021 – Nelson de Sá

Weeks after claiming that WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange would not pass on his leaks on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq today, former US military Chelsea Manning also turned on Glenn Greenwald — who spearheaded campaigns in her favor when she was prey.

He tweeted that she is “ashamed to have considered him a friend” and “terrified by his actions,” a reference, it seems, to the journalist’s appearances on Fox News programs.

For his part, the journalist replied, also via Twitter, that “friends that depend on political agreement are not friendships”.

And he stated that, “when she was in prison trying to kill herself, I was the only one to visit her, to spend hours on the phone, raising money for her. No good deed goes unpunished”.


In the new edition of the Economist (above), “The threat of the illiberal left”, warning in an editorial to “not underestimate the danger of identity politics”, which demands “ideological purity” and “cancels allies who transgress”.

In an article on the subject, he adds that it came from universities, highlighting the influence of the ideas of the German Herbert Marcuse and the Brazilian Paulo Freire.

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