Clay Higgins Plants Seeds Of Violence At Hearing About Assault Weapons As Victims Tell Their Stories 

Although he was no longer an ex-cop who resigned from the Louisiana police force after being accused of lying about roughing up a victim, the self-styled Cajun John Wayne was back in action on Wednesday. Even when he filmed viral crime-stopper films for the second of two Louisiana police departments that later hired him, Clay Higgins’ strong language was no longer intended at runaway offenders.

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Using the publicity that he received as a result of the recordings, Higgins was able to win the Democratic primary for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District. A member of the Oversight and Reform Committee of the House of Representatives spoke on assault weapons on Wednesday. Assault weapon bans, he argued, would be an attempt by Democrats to sidestep the Second Amendment. He also imagined open shootouts between gun owners and government officials.

To Higgins’ former Opelousas police chief Perry Gallow, who was a ravin’ Cajun officer himself, what might have been theatrical hyperbole in a less violent time was deadly words from a political leader. This all happened in front of two survivors of mass shootings and three others who had lost a loved one in Higgins’ testimony.

It’s important for Congressman Gallow to choose his words carefully in light of the potential for retaliation that could result from his or anyone else’s remarks, according to Gallow. At the start of the meeting, Democratic leaders used video to show short testimonials from people who had been directly affected by mass killings carried out with assault rifles. Twenty children and four adults were killed in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.

As the first eyewitness on the screen stated, “Hi, my name is Nicole and nearly 10 years ago, I survived the Sandy Hook tragedy in my elementary school,” “Even now, I’m still dealing with the dreadful fallout.” Nicole Melchionna was followed by David Sallak, a survivor of the Fourth of July parade shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, that left seven people dead.” Immediately after the death of Aiden McCarthy, the two-year-old was orphaned. Cooper Roberts, age eight, was left crippled as a result of the accident.

At the procession, Sallak says, “I looked up and saw a man emerge from the second-floor roof line with a long pistol pointed at my family.” It was the only thing that could have saved my family’s life. Cooper’s father stood screaming for aid after the firing stopped, and my wife saw their kid convulsing on the ground, shot through his gut and spine.”

After that, we had Ashbey Beasley, another Highland Park survivor, speak to us. My son lost a large portion of his innocence as we rushed for our lives, clinging to one other, not knowing if someone was going to shoot us or if we were going to live or die,” she said. “It’s clear that he’s changed. As we strive to help him regain the carefree, wonderful little child he was before everything happened, we are devastated every day.

After that, a teenager whose sister was one of the 19 children murdered in Texas in May spoke forward. My name is Jasmine Cazares. At the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, I lost my 17-year-old sister, Jackie. She displayed a photo of Jacklyn Cazares wearing an all-white gown and wearing angel wings digitally altered. She said, “This image was shot on May 10th, her first communion,” Jasmine Cazares. Her death by a Daniel Defense AR-15 came just 16 days later.”

Next was a mother from Uvalde.

Greetings, my name is Ana Rodriguez. Maite Rodriguez was killed in the Robb school shooting on May 24, 2022. When she was 10, Maite had aspirations of studying marine biology at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi. “Gun violence robbed Maite of her future.” Additionally, there was the father of Parkland High School shooting victim Jaime Guttenberg, a 14-year-old student.

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“I’m Fred Guttenberg, and I’m a student at the University of Michigan. Jess Guttenberg is my son, whereas Jaime Guttenberg is my daughter. In order to ensure their safety, I sent my two children to school on the 14th of February 2018. 17 people were killed by a gunman at my daughter’s school at the conclusion of that day. One of the victims was my daughter, who was among the 17 people slain.

Clay Higgins Plants Seeds Of Violence At Hearing
Clay Higgins Plants Seeds Of Violence At Hearing

One of the victims was Tracey Maciulewicz’s fiance, Andre Mackniel, who was one of 10 people killed in the shooting at a Buffalo, New York, Tops grocery. A white supremacist gunned down my fiancé on May 14th, as he went to Tops to buy our son a birthday cake,” he says. The shooter killed my fiance with a Bushmaster X-15 rifle.” During her video questioning of the two CEOs of gun manufacturers who had consented to testify remotely, Maciulewicz held her 3-year-old son in her lap.

She fought back tears as she asked, “What are you going to do…”. Son hugged her and murmured, “It’s alright,” while she cried out in pain. That your products don’t end up in the of a mass shooter who intends to kidnap the father of one of your customers?”

Daniel Defense and Sturm Ruger & Co. CEOs Marty Daniel and Christopher Killoy insisted on nothing more than promoting and selling more assault weapons to keep up with the growing demand for guns in America. Despite the fact that he had just heard a mother describe how her daughter had been slain by a firearm he built and that bears his name, Daniel looked unconcerned.

It was clear that the committee members’ queries and answers were in line with their declared positions on assault weapons. Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) is the owner of the Athens, Georgia, gun store Clyde Armory, and he worked with the CEOs to reach an agreement.

Higgins of Louisiana, on the other hand, wasn’t satisfied. A restriction on the sale of assault weapons, as advocated by Cajun John Wayne, would lead to massive carnage between gun owners and law enforcement. Even if it were to succeed in the Senate, there is no guarantee of its success. But Higgins was enraged at the mere thought of it becoming law.

In my opinion, what my coworkers are doing is completely out of line with what is permissible under the law.” In the end, we’ll be taking weapons from law-abiding Americans who bought them legitimately from their own homes. Gunfights are being set up within the homes of Americans by you.” He continued:

Why are the ATF and FBI coming to our house so soon?” During the night. American residents who are defending their houses from shadowy figures carrying guns who come onto our porch and enter our house through the door are being set up for gunfights by you. Set yourself up for death.

Clay Higgins Plants Seeds Of Violence At Hearing
Clay Higgins Plants Seeds Of Violence At Hearing

“Americans killing Americans over some fiction that you can define what is a lethal weapon in the hands of those Americans, living beyond their genuine right to make their own decisions about what type of handgun they legally acquire and own,” he said. It’s completely out of control. It’s not going to go well with what you’re trying to do. Even if you can get a party-line vote to pass this law, the American people will not sit by and do nothing.

As he went on, he tapped his fingers on the table. “That’s how people make decisions. “Yet again, in the wee hours.” He spoke as if he were a person who had been there and done that. There are a lot of things you’re planning, and you’re solely responsible for them. When those gunfights break out, the blood of Democratic Party members will be on your hands.

It’s a “political charade of appearing to identify weapons that you, from your ivory tower in D.C., you know better.” ‘I can describe the weapons that Americans should not have the right to own.'” A tank or caliber exceeding 50 is already out of our reach. We own the light arms we carry. Legally, they are ours. To be clear, “We aim to retain them.” He warned that the committee was on its way to “a rabbit hole from which there is no return.”

“Ultimately, it comes down to a citizen of the United States standing up for this freedom… ” In other words, “Will the FBI and ATF show up to remove legally held guns from a law-abiding American citizen and settle it on the front doorstep of Americans?”

Higgins served as a member of the SWAT team and served search warrants while working for the Opelousas Police Department. It all came to an end after an incident during an undercover narcotics search where he grabbed a bystander by the hair and punched him. His apparent attempt at a cover-up did not help his case.

An internal inquiry found that Clay Higgins used excessive force on a suspect and made false claims during the warrant execution process.” Discipline Review Board determined he later acknowledged punching a suspect in handcuffs and later released him, even though he later recanted his testimony and admitted doing so.

Higgins declined to comment when contacted by The Daily Beast. However, he then claimed that he was fired from the department for calling Chief Gallow a “peacock” when he was overheard saying it. Aside from that, “there’s a bit more to it,” Gallow told The Daily Beast on Wednesday afternoon. Gallow first argued that Higgins was simply exaggerating for dramatic effect when he was apprised of Higgins’ talk of massive slaughter over an assault weapons ban.

‘As he always is,’ Gallow replied. “I realize there’s a lot of theatre in politics right now, and he’s a master at it,” he said. Gallow contacted The Daily Beast shortly afterward. He had read online about Higgins being confronted by Beasley, a survivor of the Highland Park shooting, outside the hearing room. He informed Higgins that the Democrats on the committee were not only trying to steal weapons from law-abiding citizens, as he had previously feared, according to CNN.

This body is full of crooks, and if you don’t believe that they’ll come door to door to confiscate your firearms, you’re wrong,” Higgins said. Has anyone ever had to flee because they were being fired at by a mass shooter? Beasley inquired about it. He claimed to have been a SWAT officer for 12 years, according to the report, which Gallow thinks is a fabrication. “So, don’t you have any idea how that feels?” He inquired.

It’s possible Higgins didn’t answer because he doesn’t know what it’s like to be rejected. Higgins, according to Gallow, has never been involved in a shooting. Gallow fears that Higgins’ use of language could lead to a misunderstanding. Gallow replied, “I believe it’s reckless.” When our leaders nurture the seeds of violence, it’s disappointing.