Cole Bennett Net Worth: Know About His Career And Personal Life!

Cole Bennett Net Worth: Cole Bennett, an American video director, and business executive founded the music marketing and event planning company “Lyrical Lemonade.” He was able to find success in the music industry thanks to a lifelong passion he had at an early age. When Cole, a high school student, became interested in rap, he began writing as a way to record his impressions of the various events he saw in Chicago.

His site was called Lyrical Lemonade, and he meticulously recorded his thoughts on the rap industry there. Concurrently, he developed a passion for filmmaking and began regularly employing his camera. Even before relocating to attend DePaul University, he had made a name for himself in the music world.

He dropped out of school soon afterward to devote himself fully to music. Fortunately, he was soon collaborating with such famous names as Soulja Boy, Lil Pump, Warhol, Wiz Khalifa, and Comethazine. Using this information, he started the rap-focused song publishing company Lyrical Lemonade.

Numerous magazines have included articles about Cole’s success, and his media behemoth is currently among the most lucrative websites. The fact that he is always bringing fresh faces to the world of internet entertainment has earned him much acclaim.

Cole Bennett Net Worth
Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett Early Life

Cole Bennett entered the world on May 14, 1996, in Plano, Illinois. Compared to his sister, she’s number two. As Plano is not a particularly interesting city, Cole often took day trips to Chicago. Cole and his pals made the hour-long trip nearly every weekend.

They’d go see underground rappers like Chance the Rapper perform, then try to get him to direct one of their music videos. After graduating from Plano High School, Cole enrolled at DePaul University in Chicago. He dropped out of DePaul University to focus on his music career, and he never completed his degree. You may also read Phil Rosenthal

Cole Bennett Career

The media company Lyrical Lemonade was founded by the dapper entrepreneur Cole Bennett. The group’s primary activities include the distribution of unique musical content and the production of concerts. It’s well-known for taking a fresh, passionate approach to making music. Cole’s blog evolved into the company Lyrical Lemonade.

He started a blog in which he described in great detail the concerts he saw in his hometown and where he chronicled his growth as a music aficionado. Sometimes he’d crank out as many as five articles in a single day! At the same time, he started shooting music videos with a camera his mother had given him, so you could say he was an ambitious video director from the start.

Despite the impending start of college, Cole continued to update his blog. He had moved to Chicago to attend DePaul University and major in digital film, but he was unhappy with his education there. He dropped out of school after learning that talking about music was his true passion and opted to focus all of his time and energy on Lyrical Lemonade.

Cole Bennett dropped out of college and quickly became a successful musician in Chicago. His major break came when he was featured in Soulja Boy’s “Working It” music video. Cole’s ascent to fame can be traced in part to his animation work on the video. It wasn’t long before he was regularly working with other famous musicians including Dex, Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, Warhol, Wiz Khalifa, Comethazine, and Han Vader.

He also had a hand in the short film “Lone Springs,” which came out in April 2017. He became more well-known after collaborating with these celebrities, and his once-inconspicuous blog grew into a successful business and, eventually, a sizable website with a substantial readership. In addition to becoming a symbol of cutting-edge music, Lyrical Lemonade has evolved into a resource for original thinking about the music business.

. The company works with the best rap artists now active as well as those on the rise. Recently, Cole Bennett presented a TED talk at the University of Illinois titled “Mindset is Everything.” Rolling Stone, Forbes, and Billboard are just a few of the publications that have highlighted and interviewed him.

Also popular online; he often engages with his Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube followers. His business’s YouTube channel has around 10 million subscribers, while he has only 2 million on Instagram. Not only that, but he has over 500,000 Twitter followers. Despite his rising stardom, Cole remains humble and regularly interacts with his fans to show his appreciation.

Cole Bennett Personal Life

Cole Bennett entered the world on May 14, 1996, in Plano, Illinois. They are currently dating, and he frequently posts about photographer Lana Marie on his Instagram. Although they haven’t confirmed their relationship publicly, there is substantial evidence to support the claims that they have been dating for some time.

During the early stages of his career, Cole’s friend and business associate Elliot Montanez gifted him a trip to Coachella so that he could expand his professional network. Elliot is also vital to the daily running of Lyrical Lemonade.

Cole Bennett Net Worth

Cole Bennett, now a successful businessman, started his coordination company when he was just a teenager. His mom bought him a camera, and he used it to launch what would become “Lyrical Lemonade” as a blog. When Bennett was an adolescent, he dropped out of school to pursue a career in hip-hop and filmmaking.

It is estimated that by 2022, Cole Bennett will have amassed a net worth of $2 million. In the years following, he amassed a fortune in the millions. His estimated wealth is on the upswing, and he still ranks well among American videographers, especially those working in the hip-hop industry.

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