Incoming Republican Congressman Says His Party Will Not Be ‘kept Captive’ by McCarthy Critics

Congressman Says His Party Will Not Be ‘Kept Captive’: On Sunday, New York’s Elect Mike Lawler said the Republican Party won’t be “kept hostage by a minority of lawmakers” who want to replace House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy with another Republican as speaker.

“Whether it’s one vote or many, Kevin is the only candidate for a speaker that I will support. Lawler told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that he and many of his colleagues share this attitude.

When the vast majority of the conference is behind Kevin, we cannot allow ourselves to be kept hostage by a small minority. Assemblyman Kevin Lawler made national headlines last month when he defeated House Democratic Campaign Committee Chairman Sean Patrick Maloney in a Lower Hudson Valley district.

Incoming Republican Congressman
Incoming Republican Congressman

Congressman Says His Party Will Not Be ‘Kept Captive’

McCarthy and his opponents are preparing for a floor fight for the speakership in January, which may bring uncertainty and instability just as Republicans are about to enter their new majority.

Republican leaders in California think McCarthy will win the required 218 votes to become speaker, but conservative hard-liners are plotting McCarthy’s removal. No one knows what will happen on January 3 if McCarthy does not receive 218 votes to be elected speaker.

In the upcoming Congress, Republicans will have a razor-thin majority of 222 seats in the House, meaning McCarthy can afford to lose only four Republican votes. But if McCarthy falters or withdraws, any number of Republicans are expected to make a run for the nomination.

Cooler heads will eventually win out, I believe. Lawler said on Sunday, “A month is a long time in politics,” and added, “I do think, on January 3, Kevin will get the required votes to become speaker.”

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McCarthy has been making the case to his detractors in recent weeks that the Democrats may perhaps unite and peel off a few Republicans to pick the next speaker on the floor if the Republicans don’t work together.

McCarthy advised Republicans not to “squander this majority” in an interview with Fox News on Sunday and linked his quest for the speaker to several GOP agendas. There will be a delay in our capacity to secure the border if folks don’t come along.

That will set back our efforts to achieve energy independence, to get rid of 87,000 IRS agents, and to make the government answerable to the people, he said. Until it is completed, no subpoena can be issued. In the present moment, it is hindering our responsiveness as a government. McCarthy hoped that people might “find a way to govern together and I hope they do.”

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