“Why Am I Involved In This?”: Dakota Johnson Responds To Johnny Depp’s Viral Video

When asked about the popular TikTok video in which she was seen observing Johnny Depp’s severed finger, Dakota Johnson opened up to Vanity Fair. The 32-year-old woman stated publicly that she want to be shielded from the ongoing legal proceedings between Depp and Heard. This was in reference to Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, who he starred with in Pirates of the Caribbean. It was in April, during Johnny Depp’s legal battle, that a clip showing Dakota Johnson’s reaction to Depp’s amputated finger surfaced online again.

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Due to its widespread distribution via social media, the film has received over three million views. Johnson and Depp appeared at a press conference for their 2015 film Black Mass, which may be seen in the video. According to reports, the Fifty Shades of Grey star became aware of Depp’s bandaged middle finger throughout the course of the session. This was followed by Johnson seemingly asking Depp what had happened, to which Depp gave no clear response. However, as they were both laughing soon after, it’s safe to conclude that his response was also humorous.

In the clip, Dakota Johnson can be seen appearing worried as she faces him. People on the internet noticed that Depp’s hand was shaking. Johnson responded to the viral TikTok by saying she did not want to get involved in the legal struggle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. She was particularly unhappy with how the defamation trial was being portrayed in the media, saying, “like it’s a show.” In the interview, she stated:

For the love of God, why?’ I thought to myself. I don’t understand why I’m getting involved. I have no recollection of that, so excuse me and get me out of here. Do not let this escalate any further than it already has. How terrifying would it be, oh my God, if I had to testify in court? Astoundingly, many seem to be treating [the trial] like a reality TV show. My heart breaks just thinking about it, like a scene from a courtroom drama. How bizarre it is! What a bunch of weirdos, we humans are. In other words, the internet is a lawless frontier.

According to Dakota Johnson, she would prefer to be kept out of the Depp-Heard controversy.

Johnny Depp claimed in court on April 20 that he broke his finger during an argument with ex-wife Amber Heard. In 2015, he said, the Aquaman actress threw a full bottle of vodka at him, causing it to “shatter everywhere.” He elaborated by saying

“At first, I didn’t feel any pain at all… Hotness spread through my hand, and I felt a dripping sensation. After a moment, I noticed that the end of my finger was missing.

After severing his finger, he said he could see the bones and blood oozing out. After a lengthy six-week trial, the jury found Johnny Depp not guilty and returned a unanimous verdict in his favor. Amber Heard was fined $10.35 million for causing him emotional distress. Heard was also supposed to receive a $2,000,000 damage award. Dakota Johnson has been dragged into the Depp-Heard saga because, according to a viral video, she can be seen asking about the aforementioned injury. It was clear, however, that Johnson did not want to be associated with the trial.

Explored is the friendship between Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp.

Johnson and Depp, so the story goes, have been pals for a long time. Both actors collaborated on 2015’s Black Mass. Dakota Johnson was vocal in her support of Johnny Depp during his trial. After Heard’s accusation of domestic violence against Depp appeared in The Washington Post, the actress criticized cancel culture and its effect on Depp. On the same topic, Johnson said:

“I never experienced that firsthand from any of those people. My heart goes out to the artistic community for the loss of such wonderful people with whom I shared such a wonderful experience. I worry about those who desperately need assistance but may not receive it in time. I’m sorry if anyone was hurt or harmed. The situation is tragic, to put it mildly.

To coincide with the July 15 Netflix premiere of Johnson’s Persuasion based on the novel by Jane Austen, Johnny Depp is filming the role of King Louis XV in the French film Jeanne du Barry.