DanMachi Season 4 Release Date, Trailer And Where to Watch?

Season 4 of Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon! Here is the current state of knowledge for DanMachi 4. The long-awaited return of DanMachi has arrived. Check out the release date, studio, where to watch, trailer, and everything else you need to know about DanMachi Season 4 if you can’t wait to find out what happens next. DanMachi 4 has the potential to be the best season ever, and it marks the first time that the original author has worked on the series in an official capacity, raising expectations among fans.

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What Will Happen In DanMachi Season 4? 

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? season four will pick up just where season three left off. Volumes 9-11 of the light novel were adapted into the third season of the fantasy adventure anime, with the focus shifting to Wiene, the Vouivre who causes havoc in the world of Orario. Season 4 should adapt volumes 12-14 of the light novel if the show continues at its current rate. Season 4 will likely see Bell and the gang delve into the Lower Levels of the dungeon, beginning at the Great Fall.

This season, new dangers and discoveries await in Water City, leading to a greater emphasis on the dungeons than in previous seasons. Without giving too much away, Ryuu Lion will likely play a crucial role in the plot since he and Bell spend a significant amount of time battling together after becoming separated from the rest of the group. Some readers have speculated that the next books in the series would be the darkest and most depressing in the series’ history; it will be fascinating to watch how this is portrayed. An exciting season is on the horizon, provided all goes smoothly.

DanMachi Season 4 Release Date

Season 4 of DanMachi will premiere on July 23, 2022, in Japan but on July 22, 2022, in the United States and Europe due to time zone variations. At 1:05 a.m. Japan Standard Time, Tokyo MX will play the premiere episode of Season 4 of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. Therefore, most Western fans should be able to watch the launch online on Friday, July 22.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life, another JC Staff series released by Sentai Filmworks, also aired around this period, so fans aren’t surprised to see this (see the Where to Watch section below). Since the commencement of the Spring 2022 season, the two shows have been working together on various media projects. DanMachi episodes should be available an hour after they premiere in Japan if the simulcast model used by Virgin Road is followed. So, with that in mind, here is when we anticipate the first episode of DanMachi Season 4 will be available for streaming:

  • Pacific Time: 10:05 AM PT (Friday, July 22)
  • Central Time: 12:05 PM CT (Friday, July 22)
  • Eastern Time: 1:05 PM ET (Friday, July 22)
  • British Time: 6:05 PM BST (Friday, July 22)

Although it hasn’t been officially announced just yet, the show is likely to have weekly airings. This countdown will be updated if and when we learn the exact time of the first episode’s simultaneous broadcast.

Where To Watch DanMachi Season 4

The fourth season of the Japanese drama DanMachi will debut on Tokyo MX. HIDIVE will provide access to the series in the majority of countries around the world. HIDIVE has existed for a long, but it has recently added more important shows, including the smash success of the Spring season, Ya Boy Kongming. The site is owned by Sentai Filmworks, a large distributor having to license for much big anime series.

Practically all of Sentai Filmworks’ animation can now be found only on HIDIVE. The first three seasons of DanMachi are no longer available on Crunchyroll but may be viewed on Sentai’s website. Finally, in May, HIDIVE announced that DanMachi IV, along with a few other Sentai-licensed anime, would be available on their platform.

HIDIVE, like Crunchyroll, produces simuldubs in English for fans of the original language version. This is usually announced a month or so after a show’s premiere. Season 4 of DanMachi will be aired on Aniplus Asia throughout most of Asia excluding Japan. After its initial airing in Japan, the series will be available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Disney+, among others. There is no indication yet regarding an episode count for the upcoming series. It’s anticipated, however, that this will be another single-cour series, perhaps 12 or 13 episodes, by past seasons.

What Studio Is Producing DanMachi Season 4?

As with prior seasons, DanMachi Season 4 is being produced by J.C. Staff, with backing from EGG FIRM and SB Creative. Much of the staff for the fourth season of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon remain from season 3. Director Hideki Tachibana has worked virtually solely on the franchise since taking over as director in season 2. The screenplay for Season 4 is the most exciting development in the show’s production. Hideki Shirane, who has been composing the series since season 1, will continue to do so.

However, he is currently being helped by the original author Fujino Omori, who is functioning as script supervisor. For reasons that have yet to be revealed, Fujino Omori has just joined the production team formally this season. Fans can only hope that this is a sign of how seriously they are taking getting the adaptation of the next season right. Saori Hayami, who also voices Yor Forger in Spy x Family, will be delivering the final theme. Season 3’s closing theme singer sajou no Hana is also performing season 4’s opening theme.

DanMachi Season 4 Trailer

It’s almost time to return to Orario! Stay tuned for the premiere in July 2022; we’ll update this page as soon as we get additional information from the studio.