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Death Note Simpsons Release Date: Where And How To Watch The Death Note Special?

Death Note Simpsons Release Date

Death Note Simpsons Release Date

Death Note Simpsons Release Date: With its current season count of 34 and a broadcast run that began in 1989, The Simpsons has surpassed all other television shows as the longest-running in the medium. Treehouse of Horror Halloween episodes has become an annual tradition, with the show adapting a variety of scary stories for the holiday. This time, it’s Death Note’s turn to take center stage.

The manga by Tsugumi bá and Takeshi Obata, about the world’s most famous family, will have its own segment in the show. The Simpsons’ characters, including Lisa, Homer, Marge, Bart, and Maggie, were created by artist Matt Groening. A new spoof in The Simpsons’ manner is long overdue.

It’s the first time the show’s format has been fully submerged in anime, and they couldn’t have picked a better narrative to adapt than Ryuk’s timeless classic. An homage to the film The Babadook and a send-up of the HBO series Westworld will also be included in the episode.

Death Note Simpsons Release Date

The Simpsons: What Will The Death Note Special Be About?

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII is the Death Note special, and the format will shift for a brief section in which Lisa acquires the notebook. The animation for that segment of the program was created by DR Movie, a studio based in South Korea.

The Simpsons and Tsugumi BBA and Takeshi Obata’s narratives have crossed over before. Artist Nina SpaceCoyote Matsumoto gained attention in 2008 for her many anime-inspired fanworks based on the show.

This latest installment is based on the annual Treehouse of Horror comic that she ended up publishing an official parody of. The episode is described as follows: “In a book-themed trio, Marge’s bitterness takes monstrous shape; Lisa tries to save the earth through an anime murder spree, and in a segment that defies Matt Groening’s biggest rule: Homer realizes he’s not the man he thought he was.”

Where And How To Watch The Death Note Simpsons Special By Streaming?

The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror features several episodes that are among the best in the series history, including a spoof of “The Shining” and “Homer 3D.” Treehouse of Horror Presents: Not It, an iconic adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, was published last weekend on the comedy show.

This spoof of a well-known horror classic in the community is now available for anyone to enjoy. The premiere of Treehouse of Horror, based on Death Note, will air on FOX at 8 PM Eastern Time on October 30, 2022.

If you don’t have cable but still want to watch, you’ll be able to do so on October 31 (one day after the channel’s original airdate) by subscribing to fuboTV (they offer a free week of service) or Hulu (they also offer a free trial).

Death Note Simpsons Release Date

How To Watch The Simpsons Death Note Episode?

Fans of anime will want to tune in to see The Simpsons’ take on Death Note since a full anime tribute episode will be nestled into the upcoming huge Treehouse of Horror special. Even though last week’s premiere of Season 34’s Halloween special paid tribute to Stephen King’s IT, tonight’s Treehouse of Horror event is far from being the only Halloween holiday special we will get to watch.

It will follow the same formula as the others, with three storylines adapting separate properties. But this time, one of them is a legendary work of manga and animation! In case you missed it, Treehouse of Horror XXXIII premieres tonight, Sunday, October 30th, at 8 PM EST on FOX (barring any schedule changes due to Sunday Night Football).

You’ll need to see the show when it first airs on the TV network if you want to see the Death Note reference. Fortunately, the show will also be available to stream on Hulu beginning Monday, October 31st, in case you are unable to watch it live. Season 34 will eventually make its permanent home on Disney+, thus this will likely be available until the end of the season.

Death Note Simpsons Release Date

This past Sunday, October 30, 2022, Fox showed “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII,” the Halloween special from The Simpsons’ 34th season, episode 6. After the first look, the second part of “Death Tome” was highly anticipated. It turned The Simpsons into a parody of the anime Death Note.

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