Dimension W Season 2 :What Is The Release Date Of This Anime? Check Here Complete Information!

The sci-fi action anime ‘Dimension W‘ is without a doubt one of the finest of its generation. The manga has been heavily edited, yet it still manages to create a creepy universe that has several never-before-seen sci-fi themes. ‘Darker than Black’-type anime influences may be seen in the graphic style, and the technical jargon is presented in a way that seems plausible.
Whether or not you’re a sci-fi enthusiast, you should definitely give this one a go. If you’ve already watched the first season, keep reading to learn more about the show’s renewal possibilities.

English Dub For Dimension W

Funimation and Amazon both have the English dub of ‘Dimension W.’

Plotline Of Dimension W

‘Dimension W’ is about a generation of people who have found a fourth dimension known as the Dimension W. According to what they’ve learned thus far, the realm has an unfathomable amount of power.

Humans have created machines known as “coils” to use this new source of energy. A New Tesla Energy firm monopolises the whole sector, however, due to the corruption of the system. There would be an unethical distribution of coils on the market in no time.

Kyouma Mabuchi, an ex-soldier, continues to drive a gas-powered car despite the fact that the rest of the world has embraced renewable energy. He also has a profession as a “Collector,” which entails tracking down anybody caught with illicit energy harvesting coils. His investigations into shady organisations that encourage the usage of unlicensed coils lead him to discover more and more about Dimension W as time goes on.

Dimension W Season 2

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Characters Of The Dimension W

Kyouma Mabuchi

The series’ protagonist, Kyouma Mabuchi, has short, spiky black hair with a little braid at the back of his head and a short beard with a pronounced goatee. In addition to his rugged appearance, he constantly wears a unique blend of Western and traditional Japanese attire. His outward demeanour belies his true character, which is rude and antisocial.

Dimension W’s energy harvesting coils irritate him to no end, and he despises everything about the contemporary world. He is employed by Mary, who pays him to go for unlawful coils and bring them to justice. In exchange for his efforts, he is paid well, but he prefers to get his money in the form of fuel.

Tokyo, the year 2039, was the city of his birth, and he was raised alone by his father, since his mother had died giving birth to him. That’s where his love for old automobiles comes from. His father used to be a mechanic. His fighting skills are also top-notch, and he is capable of taking on a number of opponents at once. With rapid reflexes, he can even avoid bullets fired by hovercrafts.

Skewers, a kind of needle-like throwing knife, are his weapon of choice for dismantling coils. His knife precision is incredible, and he never misses a target with them. Like his father, he is a skilled mechanic who prefers to fix his own vehicles rather than hire a technician.

Dimension W Season2

Mira Yurizaki

Later in the storey, Mabuchi meets an android named Mira, and the two decide to work together as partners. She has a slim body and the appearance of an adolescent girl. In addition to her bionic eyes, she has short green hair. While most androids lack human-like brain functions, she has parts of her brain that are quite comparable.

As a result, she is able to exhibit the traits of a typical teenage girl. When Mabuchi labels her as a “piece of rubbish,” she thinks herself to be a real person and resents it.

Last Words-

Season 1 of “Dimension W” debuted on January 12th, 2016, and concluded on March 27th, 2016, after a run of 12 episodes. ‘Dimension W’ contains two further side-story adaptations in addition to this. On June 25, 2019, the original manga stopped its publication. There is likely a lot more material to be mined from the show’s creators.

We haven’t received an official announcement about the upcoming season yet. A second season seems unlikely given the show’s success, but we can’t rule anything out just yet. If ‘Dimension W’ is renewed, we estimate that season 2 will premiere in 2021. This area will be updated as soon as we have new information.

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