Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer? Know About His Enforcement Career!

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer: Until his retirement in 1996, Joe Kenda worked exclusively as a police officer and investigator. In Joe’s 23 years on the force, he was involved in 387 homicide cases, 356 of which were solved. Joe Kenda has also appeared on Homicide Hunter, which airs on Investigation Discovery.

Joe Kenda’s birth date is August 28th, 1946, and he was born in Herminie, Pennsylvania. Please see the subheadings below for additional information about his current state of health, his battle with cancer, and the latest developments in his recovery.

Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer
Does Joe Kenda Have Cancer

Is Joe Kenda Affected By Cancer?

According to the person who informed us of his cancer, his diagnosis has never been made public. Further, his job history as a police detective is detailed on his Wikipedia page. There was some discussion of his upbringing and family. On his Wikipedia profile, the person named Joe Kenda says that his parents are named Virginia and William.

His family’s history is well documented on his Wikipedia page. Nonetheless, he has not discussed cancer at all. This suggests that he did not have cancer until the year 2022. But we can’t be sure because he withheld all the facts that would help the public.

What Happen To Joe Kenda?

According to reports, 23-year-old detective Joe Kenda was diagnosed with PTSD shortly after entering the force. He goes into detail about the origins of his struggle with PTSD. He went on to explain that his problem first manifested while working as a school bus driver after leaving the police force.

When we talk about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we’re referring to an illness that some people develop after experiencing something extremely distressing. After provoking PTSD, a person may be plagued by intrusive memories of past traumas and fears.

According to research, Kenda found that acting in Homicide Hunter was the most socially acceptable therapy he had ever seen for his PTSD. Moreover, he is feeling better than he did before, as reported by

Since there has been no news or information concerning his health problems in 2022, we can assume from this comment made in 2020 that he is doing approximately as well as before. Apart From this, you can also read Pancreatic Cancer Claims.

How Did Joe Kenda Get The Nose Scar?

Joe Kenda’s nose scars are a mystery that has been kept between him and his wife, prompting numerous fan theories. Nobody has the guts to tell him he has a spot on his nose. More widespread speculation attributes Kenda’s nose scars to skin cancer or a knock to the face.

He may have been attacked while conducting his investigations, and the life of a murder detective is a nightmare full of perils. Viewers on Reddit and Facebook speculated that a dog bite or a drug dealer being hit with a ring during a drug bust caused the scar.

One observer said he got his nose pierced so no one would know he was trying to hide from the operation. Kenda’s crooked nose is the terrible result of a botched nose job.

Joe Kenda’s Law Enforcement Career

By the end of his time with the Colorado Springs Police Department, Kenda had risen to the rank of homicide investigator (CSPD). He served in the CSPD’s homicide division twice, from 1977 to 1980 and then from 1984 to 1996. In time, he rose to become the division’s head murder detective.

He investigated 387 homicide cases, solved 356 of them, and closed 92%, all while saying, “I enjoyed the task.” “My wife, not really.” He felt that his understanding of human nature and his ability to identify dishonesty were critical factors in his success as a crime solver.

In 1973, a young Hispanic woman shot herself in her apartment building and was dead when police got to the scene. Kenda’s inexperience with death left him utterly shaken. When questioned if becoming a police officer was the best decision, Kenda replied, “I arrived home that night, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t do anything.” When Kenda was sitting in his police car the next day, he made up his mind that he wanted to become a cop.

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