Dorohedoro Season 2: Release Date Status, Trailer, Plot, Cast

Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date

Dorohedoro’s first season aired from January 12 to March 29, 2020, and featured 12 episodes and six OVA episodes, adapting roughly the first third of the manga.

Dorohedoro’s first season aired during a period when the manga was already finished, therefore the producers never had to wait for fresh content to be created.

Dorohedoro’s first season garnered a lot of excellent feedback, and fans generally described it as “addictive.” The animation was excellent, the tale was compelling, and it was an overall pleasurable experience.

Now, because the first season only adapted about 40 chapters of the manga, there are over 100 chapters left to adapt, implying that there is plenty of material for many future seasons.

So, what does this imply for the show’s future?

No one has announced anything about a possible second season of Dorohedoro, or any other type of sequel, as of January 2022.

Dorohedoro is still a potential contender for renewal – the show has been popular, and there is undoubtedly more material to adapt – but given the lack of official information, we can’t say much more than that the show is likely a candidate for renewal shortly.

Given all of this, the second season of Dorohedoro is likely to be at least a year away, and we don’t expect it to air before 2023.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Plot

And, while we know what happens next in the manga series now that it has been completed, we don’t know what will happen in Dorohedoro’s second (and maybe third and fourth) season because we don’t know how many chapters that season will adapt.

We can’t presume anything about the substance because of the sheer amount of chapters.

We don’t know how much of the already-published content the producers will adapt, or how many episodes the second season will contain. As a result, we are unable to make any accurate predictions about the plot.

The series takes place in three worlds: Hole, a sprawling human-populated favela-like city heavily polluted by wizard magic; Wizard World, vibrant land of magic users controlled by the wizard boss En; and Hell, a torturous underworld inhabited by all deceased wizards and ruled by demons presided over by the head demon Chidaruma.

Humans and wizards are two distinct species, despite their superficial similarities. The former arose organically, whereas the latter descended from Chidaruma, a primordial fiend.Dorohedoro Season 2 Wizards have a particular circulatory system that enables them to produce “smoke,” which is the source of their magical abilities.

Most wizards have minor abilities, while others have considerably higher abilities, such as raising the dead or controlling time; these abilities are extremely rare and sought for. The efficiency of a wizard’s magical talents is determined by the amount of smoke he or she can produce.

Surgical techniques or, more commonly, the illicit usage of black powder, a smoke-enhancing medication provided by criminals, are used by many wizards to boost their smoke production.

Similar to pawning magic, smoke can be bought and sold, with the sold magic having the same effects as the cast magic.

The magical realm, like Hole, is a lawless place. In the past, vicious vigilantes controlled Hole, torturing and murdering suspected wizards and their families.

However, these vigilantes have disbanded, leaving Hole’s residents powerless to stop wizards from experimenting on and killing them, to the point where specialist clinics are needed to save human victims of magical attacks.

Furthermore, human traffickers used to rule the magical world, extracting magic from wizards for resale before disposing of their bodies.

En is one of the few survivors of these schemes, and he eventually tore down the realm to establish himself as the magical world’s leading crime boss.

The realms are organized in a way that resembles a caste system: demons hold the highest rank, are deeply respected and revered by the wizards.

And obey Chidaruma’s orders; within the wizards, there is a hierarchical system in which powerful magic users live in luxury by selling their skills, while wizards who are weaker, unskilled, or have less desirable magic can live in abject poverty in their world; and at the bottom end are those forced to live in.

Some weak wizards and humans join a gang known as The Cross-Eyes in response to the abuse they are subjected to.

Their members may be recognized by the red cross tattoos on their eyelids, and they work to provide weaker races with illicit black powder while opposing En’s family.

Caiman is looking for his true identity after being transformed into a reptilian head by a wizard and having no recollection of his previous existence.Dorohedoro Season 2 Read more:-

He tackles the wizards in the Hole brutally with his comrade Nikaido, attempting to take their heads into his mouth, where a bizarre face emerges from his throat and judges whether or not the wizard he bit was responsible for his metamorphosis.

Caiman is impervious to magical influences in some way, making him exceedingly dangerous to wizards, especially given his size and knife abilities.

En, a great wizard and the boss of a syndicate known as “The En Family,” is alerted to reports of a lizard-headed wizard killer resistant to magic, and he dispatches his cleaners Shin and Noi to assassinate Caiman.

En is presently attempting to eliminate the Cross-Eyes, a gang of low-level wizards, after an encounter with their famous boss nearly cost him his life years ago.

Shin and Noi frequently collaborate with low-level sorcerers such as Fujita, who seeks vengeance after Caiman murdered his companion, and Ebisu, who lost her memory after her face was torn off by mistake.

The mystery of Caiman’s identity begins to emerge as the residents of the hole, the En family, and the Crosshairs gang, among others, clash, rekindling old grudges and threatening to change both the hole and the wizarding world forever.

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Dorohedoro Season 2 Trailer

After reading the show’s fundamental and general facts, you’ve undoubtedly realized that there is no trailer for Dorohedoro’s second season, and the explanation for this is fairly easy.

Specifically, things are this way because the season has yet to be announced, which means that production has yet to begin, and thus no trailer may be released.

As previously stated, Dorohedoro is a very likely candidate for renewal, given the popularity of the now-completed manga series and the fact that the first season adapted less than a third of the available chapters of the original manga written by Q Hayashida.

But we won’t know when a trailer will be released until we receive confirmation that a second season will be produced, as well as confirmation that production has begun.

Given the several delays, we may have to wait until late 2022 or early 2023 to learn more about the new season’s trailer.

Dorohedoro Season 2

Because we know that most of the important characters continue to appear later in the story, and it’s not a show with a lot of people dying or anything, the cast of Dorohedoro would presumably stay the same for a potential season two, as it would still be early in the manga’s plot.

We don’t know if there will be a second season of the show or further movies, but if there are, the actors from season one will most likely return (because they did for the movie), which includes:

Role Japanese voice (Seiyū)
Kaiman Wataru Takagi
Nikaidō Reina Kondo
Fujita Kengo Takanashi
Shin Yoshimasa Hosoya
Noi Yū Kobayashi

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How Many Episodes Will DorohedoroSeason 2 Have?

Dorohedoro featured a total of 12 episodes in its first season, with an additional six OVA episodes.

Knowing how modern anime works, a potential second season would most likely feature around 12 episodes, as modern anime rarely has more episodes per season, preferring instead to have more seasons with fewer episodes and no filler content.

Where to Watch DorohedoroSeason 2?

Dorohedoro’s first season aired on the Japanese networks Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS. It lasted two months on the air.

Netflix then licensed the show and distributed it abroad. Now, whenever we learn about a new season, we believe that the show will first run in Japan before being licensed for streaming by Netflix.

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