Double Crowns Are Awarded To (G)I-DLE, BLACKPINK, And Zico On The Circle (Gaon) Weekly Charts

Double Crowns Are Awarded To (G)I-DLE, BLACKPINK, And Zico On The Circle (Gaon) Weekly Charts. Previously known as Gaon Chart, Circle Chart has now released its weekly top songs and artists for the week of October 16-22.

Album Chart

This week, I-DLE topped the charts for both traditional album sales and digital album downloads, earning them a rare double crown.

This week’s album chart was topped by the group’s new mini album “I adore,” followed by LE SSERAFIM with “ANTIFRAGILE” and Wei with “Love Pt. 2: Passion.”

The latest single album from IVE, “After LIKE,” held firm at No. 4, while “THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER TWO” by TREASURE climbed back up to No. 5.

Download Chart

I-“Nxde,” DLE’s their new album’s title track, topped this week’s digital download list, while LE SSERAFIM’s “ANTIFRAGILE” debuted at No. 2.

With “Our Blues” at No. 3, “If We Ever Meet Again” at No. 4, and “Rainbow” at No. 5, Lim Young Woong took over the top five positions on the list.

Overall Digital Chart

Zico of Block B has dominated the Circle charts for four weeks running, with his “Street Man Fighter” single “New thing” at the top of both the digital and streaming charts (featuring Homies).

IVE’s “After LIKE” debuted at number one, followed by NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” at number four, and Crush’s “Rush Hour” (containing BTS’s J-Hope) at number five.

Streaming Chart

As was the case the previous week, Zico’s “New thing” topped this week’s streaming list, followed by IVE’s “After LIKE” in second place and NewJeans’ “Hype Boy” in third.

This week, “Nxde” by (G)I-DLE debuted at No. 4 on the chart, just ahead of “Rush Hour” by Crush at No. 5.

Global K-Pop Chart

For the second week in a row, BLACKPINK has dominated both of Circle’s charts: the new Global K-Pop Chart (which is based on global streaming) and the social chart.

With “Shut Down” still at the top and “Pink Venom” holding steady at No. 3, BLACKPINK dominated this week’s Global K-Pop Chart.

This week saw the top two spots on the list occupied by LE SSERAFIM with their single “ANTIFRAGILE” and (G)I-DLE with their track “Nxde,” both of which made their debuts at positions two and four, respectively.

Finally, “Hype Boy” by NewJeans finished the week as the number five most downloaded song.

Social Chart

All three of last week’s top performers on this week’s social list are still in the top spots: BLACKPINK maintained its No. 1 position, followed by BTS at No. 2 and Lim Young Woong at No. 3. Stray Kids is currently fourth on the leaderboard, just behind NewJeans at number five.

Sending best wishes to all the performers.

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