Dragonar Academy Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast & Plot

An anime series called Dragonar Academy is based on the manga series. The show’s three primary genres are fantasy, romantic comedy, and Harem-themed comedies. Publisher Media Factory released the light novel penned by Shiki Mizuchi. Noburu Kimura penned the script for the anime adaptation, which was directed by Shunsuke Tada and Tomoyuki Kurokawa and written by Kimura.

In this case, it was made by Ryoji Maru. Beginning on April 5, 2014, the anime adaptation ran until June 21, 2014. There are a total of 12 episodes. “Seiken Nante Iranai” (Don’t Need a Holy Sword) is the show’s opening theme, composed by Yui Sakakibara.

The show’s closing theme is Maariya Ise’s MOST IJO no MOSTEST. The show has an IMDB score of 6.7 and a Rating Graph score of 7.3. The show was a hit with viewers thanks to the excellent animation and original plot.

Dragonar Academy Season 2: Release Date

C-station has yet to renew the show for a second season despite the show’s high ratings. Because to the first season’s poor ratings, the show was cancelled. Despite the producers’ high hopes, the show’s first season was met with lower-than-expected numbers and critical acclaim.

This could change, however, should a new studio notice the show’s promise and decide to bring it back for another season. This anime lacks the support of its viewers, therefore thus lacks the potential to succeed. If you desire a second season of the show, keep pressing the C-station for it and continuing to express your support for it.

Dragonar Academy Season 2: Cast

Because this is an animated film, there is no cast to speak of. Then again, there are voice actors who have lent their talents to a variety of animated characters. It has been six months since Ash Blake’s dragon companion awoke. In the anime, Koji Takahashi voiced the character.

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Second year, he becomes the founder of The Independent Order Of The Avalon Knights. Eco is Ash’s dragon Pal, a young woman in human form. Despite the fact that she is fully aware that Ash is her master, she still regards him as such.

However, she refuses to confess it because of her self-esteem. Her only want is to be loved by him, and if she gives in to that desire, she will be treated as a pet. She’s not satisfied with just that. Mother Dragon claims to be both a human and a dragon at the same time. In this case, Mariya Ise lends her voice.

Dragonar Academy Season 2: Storyline

Breeders are civilians who reside on Arc Strada and nurture and train their pets. Breeders give rise to new dragon species. For the most part, the pupils at Ansarivan Dragonar Academy have little problem achieving these results.

Ash Blake, on the other hand, is an exception. He’s a first-year college student who’s regarded as the “trouble child” throughout campus. He has an odd seikoku that states that he is the future dragon master, but his friend has not yet appeared.

To test his mettle, he summons his dragon and goes up against Princess Silvia Lautreamont, another of his classmates. This has never been seen by anyone. His dragon takes on the form of a gorgeous young woman. As soon as he calls her Eco, he discovers that he is her servant and that she is the master.

Ash’s issues are just getting started right now. Seeing what occurs next would be interesting. It’s unclear whether Ash can ever defeat his dragon or if she’ll entirely defeat him.

Dragonar Academy Season 2: Trailer

Because the second season has not been announced, there is no trailer or teaser for it. The trailer for the first season is available below if you’d like to have a look.

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There’s a Hulu subscription option if you enjoyed the trailer and want to see the whole episode.

Final Lines

It’s been seven years since the first Dragonar Academy episode, and fans are growing impatient awaiting Season 2 of the series. Despite the fact that the first season did not have a huge number of viewers, greater groups of people are still clamouring for the second.

However, fans are experiencing a cliffhanger as they wait seven years for the next chapters because the company has yet to make an official announcement for Dragonar Academy Season 2.

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