Dream Raider Season 2: Renewed or cancelled? Latest Update 2022!

In HBO Asia’s science fiction series “Dream Raider,” An-Ya and Professor Cheng team up with detective Li Xiao to solve a series of crimes in which the minds of victims are hacked.

Will there be a second season of Dream Raider? Let’s get started to find out.

Using dream robbery technology, Cheng and An-Ya uncover the truth behind a series of mysterious crimes and events in the city, one after the other, in the real world.

After premiering in Asia in August of next year, HBO’s first sci-fi series will be released in the United States in February of 2022. Both critics and audiences widely praised the Taiwanese series for its compelling narrative, production design, and performance. The sci-fi show’s second season promises to be just as thrilling as the first.

As a result, here’s all the information you need!

Dream Raider Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of ‘Dream Raider’ premiered on HBO Max on February 17, 2022, in the United States. Season 1 premiered in Asia on August 16, 2020, before its release in the United States. There were eight episodes in the first season, and each lasted about 45 minutes.

It is what we know so far about Season 2. A formal statement from HBO Asia or HBO Max regarding the “Dream Raider’ update for season 2 is still pending.

However, the sci-fi show may return for a new chapter. It was a shocker at the end of Season 1 that left room for a second season. Additionally, the season left several questions unanswered, such as the relationship between Li Xiao and An-Ya.

Ellen Wu, who portrays Cheng An-Ya, says that the show has a lot of potential for a second season. The actress expressed her desire to see her character’s relationship with her father further explored in the future in an interview given after the film’s release in Asia.

The decision to renew the show may be more than possible if it garners an impressive audience on HBO Max. Season 2 of ‘Dream Raider’ should be released in Q1 2023 if updated quickly.

Dream Raiders Season 1 Release Date August 16, 2020
Dream Raiders Season 1 End Date October 4, 2020
Dream Raiders Season 2 Release Date Not Confirmed

A Recap of Dream Raiders’ First Season

Taipei’s “Nan Wan City.” Two sisters were injured in a truck accident, and the analyst Li Xiao (Weber Yang) and his sidekick were dispatched to investigate.

Even though one has died, the other is barely clinging on. The backs of their necks bear a striking resemblance to each other. Xiao’s hand is on the harmed sister’s as she tells her, “Save the young ladies.”

A more impressive version of this machine has many young women associated with it in an unwanted industrial facility, thanks to a power utilization map.

An identical woman from the dreamscape appears whenever Cheng and his girlfriend try to shut down the machine; it seems that whoever built the machine knows something about Cheng and the accident that killed two people and sent him to prison.Dream Raider Season 2

Dream Raider Season 2 Expected Plot

Li-A returns to the here and now with a genuine sense of realism. If this is the case, we can expect the next season to focus on the reasons for Li-change Ans of heart. An-Ya may form a friendship with Li Xiao, who may be taking care of her daughter’s shortfall.

In light of the Qi-counterfeit Feng’s demise, Cheng may not be able to return to jail and spend time with his daughter, as he previously planned.

This season’s Dream Raiders will also use “dream attacking” technology to deal with possible violations of the game’s rules. Cheng can always avoid prison and spend time with his daughter if the truth behind Qi-phony Feng’s passing is discovered.

We can also assume that the Cheng, An-Ya, and Li Xiao triplet will continue to use Dream Raiding technology to deal with ambiguous wrongdoings in a possible second season.

Dream Raider Season 2: Expected Cast

It is produced by Daniel Fu and Simon Hung and features a talented cast, including David Wang, Vivian Hsu, and Jason Wang, as well as Ellen Wu, Wu Ke-Xi, and Jun Kunimura.

The Taipei Film Commission and the Taipei Cultural Foundation sponsored the filming of “Dream Raider” in Taiwan.
The cast’s superb performances enthralled fans as each of the characters they played.

Additional cast members include Aggie Hsieh (Che Na), Cheng-Chun Chung (Xie Xiao-Yu), Bella Wu (Li Ke), and Vivian Hsu (Li-An). It’s possible that David Yao-Qing Wang, Ke-Xi Wu, and Jun Kunimura won’t return in a potential second season after losing their roles in Season 1.Dream Raider Season 2

Trailer for the upcoming Second Season of Dream Raider

To date, no official trailer for HBO Max has been made available. Viewers who want to keep up with the series’ storyline can watch the Dream Raider trailer from season one. Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

As of February 18, 2022, the first episode of Season 1 was broadcast in the United States. In a shocking twist, the season ends with several hints that there will be a second season.

Season 1 of the show was a big hit with viewers because of its intriguing storyline. The sci-fi series was a hit because of the intriguing nature of the show.

The reactions that some people had to Season 1 were spot on. Season 1 received a plethora of positive reviews and insightful feedback. The season was tailor-made for sci-fi fans.

Many viewers believe that the show has legs for a second season, which is why they are eagerly awaiting an official announcement of one.

The second season’s release date has not yet been announced. Season 2 could arrive on screens as early as 2023 if everything goes according to plan. Keep your hopes up for the sequel, fans. Filming for Season 2 will take some time to develop the story that will answer the questions left unanswered by Season 1.