Drip Season 4: Most Awaited Album of All Times, Know About The Official Release!

Gunna has been on the road for the past three months in support of his upcoming fourth studio album, Drip Season 4. After collaborating with producer Taurus on the song “9 Times Outta 10,” he began promoting the album in August, according to his website.

He collaborated with Future and Roddy Rich on the song “Too Easy,” which he then remixed. At the time of writing, it was uncertain when the album will be released, which would feature both tunes. On the first day of the new year, he finally responded to my email.
“Pushin P,” a song by Gunna that includes Young Thug and Future, has been teased with a visual that seems to be a music video. ‘DS4 1-7-22 #HNY,’ Gunna wrote in the caption of the accompanying photo, confirming the album’s release date: “DS4 1-7-22 #HNY.”

When Gunna’s fourth studio album, Drip Season 4, is released, it will be his first since 2020, Wunna. Gunna has released a brand-new episode of Drip for the first time since Season 3 of the show ended in 2018.

Drip Season 4

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When Will Gunna’s Next Album, Drip Season 4, Be Released?

It was published on Spotify on January 7, 2022, marking the conclusion of Gunna’s fourth season of Drip and the final episode of the season.

He shared a 46-second video on Instagram on the first day of the new year, which was the first video he had ever posted. The video, which was labelled “DS4 1-7-22 #HNY!!,” featured footage of Gunna and her friends having a good time on the town.

Among the tracks on the compilation is a single by Future and Young Thug. In the following three days, the cover art for Gunna’s second studio album was released by architect Daniel Arsham of the United States.

The artwork depicts Gunna with a choker around her neck and sunglasses on her head.

Albums By Gunna Released In The Past-

Gunna collaborated with artists including as Young Thug, Lil Duke, and Nechie on Drip Season, which was released in 2015. Young Thug and Playboi Carti returned for Drip Season 2, which also included Offset and Young Thug, who each contributed bars to the song’s chorus and beat, respectively.
He rose to prominence in the hip-hop industry as a result of these albums, as well as Drip or Drown and other projects.

Season 3 of Drip, which premiered in 2018, was his most anxiously awaited work. Lil Durk, Nav, and Metro Boomin all made appearances on the EP’s fourteen tracks.

Three additional songs were added to the album’s deluxe edition, which was later published. Lil Baby, Young Thug, and Lil Uzi Vert made cameo cameos in the show. Turbo and Richie Souf were brought on board for the deluxe singles to round out the production team’s capabilities.

Drip Harder, Drip or Drown 2, WUNNA, and several performances on YSL’s collaborative album Slime Language 2 were the catalysts for Gunna’s meteoric rise to stardom. A number of tunes were on his list of goals for 2021, as well as collaborations with other YSL and hip-hop acts.

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