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Here Are Eight K-Pop Bands Along With Their Japanese Names

Eight K-Pop Bands

Eight K-Pop Bands

Here Are Eight K-Pop Bands Along With Their Japanese Names. The name of a new K-Pop group is the first thing that listeners will remember. A name won’t make or break a group in the cutthroat K-pop industry, but it might have a significant impact on its success.

It’s worth noting that the names of many K-pop acts are creative and memorable. The Japanese music industry ranks second worldwide. The promotion of K-pop acts is common in Japan. Several acts from the Korean pop scene have had massive success in Japan.

There are several Japanese “idols” in the K-pop scene. In Japan, certain K-pop acts go by different names than in the rest of the world. We’ve included the Japanese names for eight popular K-pop acts below.


The k-biggest pop act is BTS or the Bangtan Boys. Bangtan Sonyeondan, Beyond the Scene, and Bulletproof Boy Scouts are some of the other names for BTS. In Japan, they also enjoy widespread acclaim. In Japan, there is a rabid following for a boy band consisting of seven young men from Hybe. As of 2014, BTS had debuted in Japan. However, in Japan, BTS goes by a different moniker. Bdan Shnendan is the Japanese term for them.

Girl’s Generation

Girls’ Generation, the second-generation female group from SM Entertainment, is sometimes referred to by the acronyms SNSD and SoShi. SNSD is a South Korean girl group that became incredibly popular in Japan in 2011. Their name is pronounced “Shjo Jidai” there. Girls’ Generation, along with KARA, was considered to be the most successful Korean female group in Japan.

Girl’s Generation


The South Korean-Japanese girl group IZ*One first came together thanks to the reality show “Produce 48.” There were Koreans and Japanese in the group. When they were together, IZ*One was among the most popular K-Pop acts in both South Korea and Japan. But the Japanese called them “Aizuwan,” which means “new beginning.”


Blockberry Creative’s Loona is a fourth-generation K-pop girl group. The Japanese premiere for Loona, also known as “Girl of the Month,” occurred in September 2021. For their performances in Japan, they are under the wing of Universal Music Japan. In Japan, they are known as Kongetsu no Shjo.

The Grace

The Grace is a South Korean female group that debuted in 2005 under the label SM Entertainment. There are two other names for them: CSJH and CSJH The Grace. Literally translated, it means “The Grace” (Cheon Sang Ji Hui) in Korean. In Japan, they go by the name “Tenjochiki” on albums. It wasn’t until 2006 that they first debuted in Japan.


“Tong Vfang Xien Qi” is the acronym for the name of SM Entertainment’s boy band. Even more commonly, you may know them by their Korean moniker, Dong Bang Shin Ki (abbreviated as DBSK). TVXQ was formerly a top K-pop act in Japan, and they still have a considerable following there. On their Japanese albums, the name is Tohoshinki.



Starship Entertainment has created a South Korean-Chinese girl group called WJSN, or Cosmic Girls. Both Chinese and South Koreans are represented in the band. There are thirteen people altogether. Uchuu Shoujo is the Japanese name for the Queendom 2 WJSN champion.

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