Eren Yeager: Is He The Villain Or The Hero In Attack On Titan?

Eren Yeager, the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, has had a tumultuous history. There are positive and terrible things he has done. How heroic is he now, if at all?  War of the Titans Does Eren Yeager Play The Hero Or The Villain? Attack on Titan’s newest season took a risky turn that few anime can pull off. To begin with, it deviated significantly from the standard anime formula and presented something entirely new.

In Attack on Titan, there are no simple moral choices. Instead, the moral landscape consists of a range of increasingly bleak tones. Even our hero, Eren Yeager, is not immune to this. To be updated by Sid Natividad on January 9, 2022: Now that the Attack on Titan anime is coming to a close, fans are wondering where Eren Yeager is and other pressing issues from the show.

Is Eren becoming evil? Is he still the optimistic and ferocious young man who wants to restore peace and happiness to the world? However, while Eren is still the show’s primary protagonist, he has taken a new path in subsequent seasons. Therefore, dissecting Eren’s characteristics should help some confused fans find an answer to whether or not Eren is a villain.

Is Eren Technically A War Hero?

Eren is still a hero because he is seen that way by the people of Paradis. His offensive against the Marley convene is well-appreciated by the citizens, and he’s gained some following.

In the eyes of the Eldians of Paradis, Eren is a war hero who can keep ensuring that Paradis will win the war. With the number of medals and officers’ heads he’s bagged, Eren should have been promoted many times over if it weren’t for his war crimes and insubordination. Still, whether he’ll remain a hero or beeline straight into the villain role remains in the final remaining episodes.

Villain: He Schemes Too Much Now

Eren was the stereotypical clueless adolescent who got roped into every scheme. He and his half-brother Zeke are now the decision-makers. It’s a drastic shift in personality and can make some people feel even less comfortable or friendly toward Eren.

Eren has picked up some of Zeke’s shrewdness and isn’t thinking like their older brother. Zeke’s criminal schemes, which Eren seems to have picked up on, cast Eren as a potential or actual villain.

Hero: Eren’s Doing The Eldians A Favor

Except for the Marley, who commands the vast majority of the Shifter Titans, the Eldians of Paradis face nothing in the way of a severe threat. The inability of other countries to compete with the titans was a major factor in the Marleyans’ position as global rulers.

Paradis faced only real danger from Marley, whose ultimate purpose was to destroy or enslave the entire population. Eren’s strike on Marley and subsequent strategic advantage gave Paradis and the Eldians a better chance of survival.

Villain: He Killed Innocents

Finally, there’s this act, which features the most horrifying sequence of deaths in the anime. There hasn’t been a story arc as terrible and brutal as the Battle of Shiganshina District. Eren massacred not just Marleyan officials but ambassadors from other countries and the vast majority of the crowd.

Everyone in the household is included in such a statement. Since one of the minors victimized is Gabi’s friend, her anger is somewhat understandable. Even Mikasa, a seasoned killer with a natural tendency toward murder, was taken aback by Eren’s side effects.

Hero: He Doesn’t Abuse Power

With the power of three of the most potent Shifter Titans in his system, Eren has become the ultimate Titan in the series. Eren probably could have conquered the world by now if he wanted to. Since he already possesses the Warhammer Titan and the Founding Titan.

he is essentially unstoppable. Any other astute anime character could have become brash and overly ambitious with those abilities. Eren, at least in his own mind, appears to be acting by a plan designed for the greater good.

Villain: Disregard For His Friends

Even for those who have read the manga, Sasha’s death was tragic, but Eren doesn’t seem to share that sentiment. His only response to his friend’s tragic fate was laughter. When attacking Marley, Eren didn’t give a damn if his friends were killed trying to come to his aid.

Even if Eren was suicidal in Seasons 1-3, he never talked about it with his friends. The fourth season shows his radical change, during which he becomes almost unrecognizable and begins to view some of his friends as instruments or weapons.

Hero: Eren’s Willing To Make Hard Sacrifices

Eren isn’t afraid to give up important things. In what ways would one have to make significant concessions? The type depicts him as the evil dictator everyone feared him to be. After Marley declared war on Paradis, Eren got the brunt of the blame by launching the first attack.

Although Eren unwittingly thrust Paradis into the limelight, the current trajectory of events makes it relatively easy for him to claim responsibility and portray himself as the adversary of everyone, including Paradis. Eren’s strategy may or may not be to make himself the major villain in the anime so that everyone will band together to fight him and the world may finally find some measure of peace. If that’s the case, it’s a huge price to pay.

Villain: Eren’s Going Mad

Eren’s kept a very level head under what, for someone his age, should be an insurmountable amount of stress. Yes, if one takes into account his internal state. Many Shifter Titans have been swallowed by him, and he has therefore gained access to their memories.

Eren Yeager (2)
Eren Yeager (2)

Who is to say that what he witnessed didn’t impact him? Even more so, he is aware that his time on earth is limited. Attack on Titan’s most recent episodes hinted that Eren is having trouble keeping his wits about him and feeling compassion for the people he formerly knew.

Hero: Eren Still Stands For Justice

Eren is still intent on bringing his people’s enemies to justice. Considering all he and his fellow Eldians of Paradis have been through, they are due a universe’s worth of justice. As a result of Marley’s ambition, many people dear to Eren and the other resentful Eldians in Paradis were killed.

Indeed, that is quite oppressive to the Marleyans, and Eran cannot ignore it despite his authority. Even though he is a confirmed pacifist, Eren continues to represent justice in Paradis, inspiring troops like Floch to join his cause.

Villain: Eren’s Too Jadad

It’s too late to bring back the youngster who was once romantic and innocent yet struggled with low self-esteem. While Eren Yeager’s body count was relatively low up until Season 4, the ordeal with the Titans has taken its toll on his psyche.

The effect is that he no longer cares much about his world. Eren used to think twice before doing anything that could result in killing a large number of people. He’s turned icy cold and has a taste for blood and bloodshed. If anything, his manga adaptation is much more irritating.

Hero: His True Intention Is To Create Peace

Without giving away too much of the manga’s plot, we already know that Eren has a massive plan that will largely be for the good of the people of Paradis and the Eldians. An angry Eren implements a final, deadly solution to save his home sovereign.

Eren Yeager (3)
Eren Yeager (3)

Of course, Eren’s friends didn’t like it because it meant killing almost everyone who isn’t a Titan. For this reason, Eren hoped to employ the Rumbling to save the Eldians and the citizens of Paradis from their unjust destinies. That, or a new battle will break out between Marleyans, Eldians, or the people of Paradis, leading to even more casualties in the long run.

Villain: To Him, The Ends Justify The Means

Time jumped so much that it missed a significant portion of Eren’s transformation into a bitter and callous fighter. Perhaps this is why it’s so challenging to accept that Eren has undergone such a radical transformation to now consider himself righteous in every situation.

As a result, Eren’s intentions involve a large number of deaths and the destruction of relationships and trust. In Eren’s Utopia, the first step is to kill everyone. That’s not something the next generation of Paradis might be thrilled to hear.

Hero: Eren’s Still The Main Character

Even so, Eren is the series’ focal point for a good reason. Even though his mother was eaten by a Titan in the first episode, the tale continues to focus on his efforts to restore order to the realm of Paradis. Eren’s journey continues to be the focus of Attack on Titan.

Eren Yeager (1)
Eren Yeager (1)

Eren may have lost track of his buddies, but his past deeds remain undeniably noble. Remember, he’s the one who ultimately won the battle, took Annie captive, and helped blow the whistle on Reiner and Bertholt.

Villain: He’s Hurting The People Who Loved Him

What happened to Eren Yeager is challenging for many viewers of Attack on Titan. For example, near the end of the first half of Season 4, he had a tragic brawl with Armin, a boyhood friend and one of his closest allies. In addition, he made Mikasa cry with some unkind (though perhaps, accurate) statements.

Eren seems to be losing what little compassion he has left and often takes pleasure in intentionally harming the people around him, including his comrades. It’s important to remember that he didn’t mourn Sasha’s death and laughed about it. Not only that, but he has no compunctions about starting a civil war in Paradis and killing his own people.

Eren’s Actions Have Always Been Aimed At Freedom

Having the freedom to pursue your dreams and those of your allies is a worthy objective. Eren has been staring at the sky and imagining a future where he is free to go wherever and do whatever he wants to do since the very first episode of Attack on Titan.

Unfortunately, limitless freedom is unachievable, turning an excellent goal into a contradiction potent enough to mislead a strong and damaged adolescent. The outcome of Attack on Titan would have been different if the optimistic young guy had arrived at a fair and measurable concept of freedom.

Eren Is Loyal To His People Above All Else

There is no redeeming quality to Eren’s intentions for mass murder. Diplomacy, rather than mass extermination, would have been the best option for securing Eldia’s independence if Armin and Mikasa had been working together. Even so, Eren’s motivations in releasing the Rumbling were selfless.

He was a young man so dedicated to his people that he would choose to die for them if necessary. Regardless of the methods employed, his willingness to lay down his life and morals for the liberation of his peers is praiseworthy.

Eren Kept Mikasa Close To Him

Attack on Titan has made Eren Yeager the hero for most of the series, but season 4 reveals a different story. Mikasa becomes the show’s protagonist after her best buddy Eren loses his way, and she uses this opportunity to position herself as Eren’s antagonist.

Having Mikasa by his side helped keep Eren’s ego in check, allowing him to act like a true hero. Eren’s ego inflated in her absence to the point where he found the willpower to force himself into the middle of a generational conflict.

Eren Is A Classic Overpowered Shonen Protagonist

A good, overpowering protagonist is a must-have in any decent anime. A protagonist doesn’t have to be superhuman from the get-go, but they should be strong enough to carry the story independently by the end.

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager

Eren exemplifies the archetypal protagonist, who begins as a helpless victim but grows into a monstrous avenger. No one in the Attack on Titan universe stands a chance against Eren with just the Attack, the Warhammer, and the Founding Titan.

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