Ex-American military invades house and kills 4 of the same family in Florida – 05/09/2021 – World

A former United States military man killed four people from the same family in Florida this Sunday (5), including a child, and exchanged fire with police, according to the American newspaper The New York Times.

The case took place in Polk County, in the southern United States, near the city of Orlando.

In all, four people were killed: a 40-year-old man, a 33-year-old woman, the couple’s 3-month-old baby, and a 62-year-old grandmother. An 11-year-old child was wounded with seven gunshots and is undergoing surgery, according to Reuters. The sniper also killed the family’s dog.

​The investigators still do not know what motivated the attack and it has not yet been possible to establish the connection between the killer and the victims. The shooter was identified as Bryan J. Riley, 33, a resident of Brandon, according to the newspaper, and now works as a private security guard.

He served in the US armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. According to local authorities, his girlfriend said the ex-military man has symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. At the time of the attack, the shooter wore a bulletproof vest and camouflage clothing.

Out there

The sniper barricaded and exchanged fire with police until he was wounded, when he surrendered and was arrested, Sheriff Grady Judd told reporters. At the hospital, the criminal even tried to steal a policeman’s gun and needed to be medicated. He confessed to using meth before the crime.

“He told detectives, ‘They begged for their lives, and I killed them anyway,'” said the sheriff, who said the sniper is a bad person, according to the New York Times.