Expert Political Strategists Discuss Recent Defections From the Democratic Party

Expert Political Strategists Discuss Recent Defections: There is growing worried that the Democratic Party is experiencing a retention problem as political gaps continue to widen in the United States, as several recently elected Democrats have decided to leave the party despite the party’s overwhelming success in the 2022 election season.

After the 2018 midterm elections, several Democrats who held office at the municipal, state, and federal levels stated that they would either be leaving the party or seeking election as independents. Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who has consistently voted independently on contentious issues, announced her departure from the Democratic Party and registration as an independent on Friday in an opinion piece for the Arizona Republic.

Expert Political Strategists Discuss Recent Defections
Expert Political Strategists Discuss Recent Defections

Expert Political Strategists Discuss Recent Defections

She cited the growing polarisation and extremism of both parties as the reasons for her decision. Not only Sinema, but other elected officials have recently decided to leave the Democratic Party. New York City Councilman Ari Kagan, who was first elected in 2021 as a Democrat, revealed last week that he was switching parties and joining the Republican Party.

Earlier this month, West Virginia state senator Glenn Jeffries announced he was switching parties and joining the Republican Party. Democrats kept their Senate majority but narrowly lost the House; with these recent departures, some are wondering if the party is having retention problems. However, strategists on both sides of the aisle don’t seem to agree with why certain lawmakers have decided to defect.

Former chief of staff to Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan Kevin Seifert told Fox that while “both parties have issues,” the “Democrats have an ideological difficulty because of they woke, progressive constituency.” When Senator Sinema refused to meet progressive activists’ demands about immigration policy, they “physically pursued her into a lavatory,” as Seifert described it.

They have consistently eliminated centrist Democratic candidates in the primary in prior election cycles. It’s not surprising that party officials are reacting to such open forms of pressure by defecting to other political organisations.

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Kagan, a council member for Brooklyn on New York City’s council, announced his departure from the Democratic Party last week during a news conference, saying, “The Democratic Party in New York was marching to [the] left at such a speed I couldn’t keep up.”

It’s not that I’m leaving the Democrats; rather, the Democrats have been leaving me. Some Democratic strategists, despite recent upheavals, have concluded that the departures have no bearing on the party’s success and that Sinema’s recent exit had to do with her rationale for winning the next election.

Democratic strategist and Bustle’s head of research Jessica Tarlov told Fox News Digital, “I don’t think this has anything to do with retention concerns.” Sinema took a calculated move to avoid a primary election she was likely to lose to her Democratic opponent, Rep. Ruben Gallego.

“As an independent, she understands that a three-way campaign would be a gift to the Republican Party,” Tarlov, who also contributes to Fox News, said of Sinema. She’s staying in the Democratic caucus and voting with Vice President Joe Biden 90 per cent of the time. This has nothing to do with issues with Democrats.

Similarly, Democratic strategist and senior adviser to digital for Kamala Harris’ 2020 presidential campaign Sarah Norman told Fox that she thinks Sinema left the party because she “was going to lose a primary and is trying to blackmail Democrats into functionally letting her run for re-election alone.”

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