Fact-Checking Policy

Every piece of news on the website is thoroughly reviewed, and we strive for 100% headline accuracy. Rumors and insider reports are given their own distinct labels, while information that has been confirmed and information that is simply industry chatter that may be of interest to our readers are explicitly labeled as such.

Before publishing an article, we make sure that all of the data it contains is accurate and dependable. We always double-check our facts by going back to the original source prior to writing anything (and references, if necessary).

Even if it has already been published as confirmed by other publications, we won’t declare something to be confirmed until we have completely validated it. You shouldn’t anticipate us publishing any article made just to get clicks. We don’t manufacture generalizations just to seem impressive in our headlines.

It must be confirmed as true. Articles on Pabaon News go beyond simply reporting the news by offering reliable context for its importance.

Our team at Pabaon News is made up of authors with expertise in a variety of gaming and entertainment industries who all have one thing in common: we want to give our readers the best and most engaging articles we can.

You can rely on each new article to be accurate and current because our authors and editors are seasoned experts in their professions. We follow accepted news industry procedures when we are the first to report on anything.

The requirements for feature articles on What’s the Big Picture? remain the same, and we continue to stress the need for research and objectivity in addition to presenting a convincing argument (and when drawing out a conclusion or theory, considering and including relevant counterarguments). This strategy allows us to cover more areas and anticipate our readers’ questions.