Family of Murdered Victim Plans ‘Justice for Mikey’ Protest, As the Suspects Walk Free

Sherry Denue, the cousin of Mikey Benedict, had planned a “Justice for Mikey” rally for noon Tuesday on Union Street, where he was found dead.

Crestline police responded to a 911 call at 2:20 am on October 10 dealing with a man who had been beaten. The victim Michael “Mikey” Benedict, was found unconscious on Union Street between Wiley and Clink.

The victim was rushed to the Avita Health System-Galion Hospital, as the emergency team tried to treat him. 

“When I got that call Saturday morning, and they asked was this Karen, and did I have a son named Michael, and then they told me where they were from, the Galion hospital — I about passed out. And then they proceeded to tell me what happened,” Karen Benedict, mom’s victim, said. “It was a nightmare. That’s all I can say—a nightmare. I just hope justice is done,” she added, as quoted by the Telegraph-Forum. 

Suspects are released on bond

The report also stated that two of the three people accused of felonious assault in correlation with the beating had been released on bond, enraged Karen Benedict and other family members.

Mikey Hasn’t regained consciousness.

Mikey, 40, was already transferred to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center and still unconscious, although they removed him from the breathing assistance, according to Denue. 

Denue said that Mike is in critical condition and fighting for his life. She expressed anger as she knew that the suspects were released on bond. She also mentioned that they want justice for what they did to her cousin. 

“These people should not be out. They should not have even had a bond at all. They don’t even know if he’s going to live or die,” said Denue, as quoted in the report.