Fans Protest HYBE After Seeing a Staff Member Tried to Sell Them Kim Taehyung’s Paris Schedule

Fans Protest HYBE: After a member of staff at HYBE tried to sell fans Kim Taehyung’s Paris schedule, angry fans demonstrated outside the store. After Taehyung left Paris, a French K-pop media outlet called “KPop in Paris” revealed that a member of his entourage had offered them access to Taehyung’s private schedule in exchange for payment.

The post begins, “Now that Taehyung has left, we can speak,” and goes on to say that a member of his staff had offered them, for $350, private information about where he was going and when. Big Hit Music and HYBE, Taehyung’s record label and parent organisation, are jointly responsible for his protection.

Kim Taehyung's Paris Schedule
Kim Taehyung’s Paris Schedule

Very troubling is the information that Taehyung’s coworkers are the ones putting his life in jeopardy. The ARMYs voiced their displeasure with HYBE, arguing that Taehyung’s security could have been compromised if the news had reached the wrong ears.

Staff members may have leaked sensitive material in the past, but it’s only now coming to light, as several have pointed out. This isn’t the first time HYBE has been called out for doing something wrong.

HYBE tried to trademark “Borahae,” a term Taehyung coined in 2016, but the Korean Intellectual Property Office rejected their application in October 2017.

HYBE attempted to legally own the term “Borahae,” also known as “I Purple You,” without giving credit to its creator, BTS, because of how closely the term has become associated with the brand and image of BTS.

Billboard and NME, two major publications, covered the story and pointed out that the trademark should be registered to Taehyung.

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