BTS’s RM Has Announced His First Solo Album Indigo

BTS’s RM Has Announced His First Solo Album Indigo. Today (November 10), RM of BTS shared the news that his solo debut, titled “Indigo,” will be published the following month. The Korean group’s frontman and rapper will join J-hope and Jin in releasing solo material in 2018.

According to fan translations, RM commented on HYBE’s Reverse social networking platform after announcing ‘Indigo,’ “Hello. Finally. It’s because of you that I’m releasing my debut album. I spent four years getting ready for this.”

First Solo Album Indigo
First Solo Album Indigo

He explained, “It’s really different from my prior work, and there are a lot of fun pals included.” Your help is needed until December 2nd. After releasing two mixtapes, BigHit MUSIC said in a statement, “RM has already offered listeners an honest insight inside his world.”

Indigo is where RM shares his heartfelt emotions and many musical influences with the world. In addition, the album “recounts the stories and experiences RM has gone through, like a diary,” according to the press release.

The release of Indigo has been set for December 2 at 2 pm KST (5 am GMT). It’s RM’s first solo album, however, it follows his two mixtapes, “RM” (2015) and “mono” (2018). Back in July, RM discussed the upcoming album, saying, “I had fun working on music, I think it will be completely different from mono.’

If’mono’ was a diary and archive of my 2016–18 years, then I like to think that this new album does the same for my 2019–22 years. The nine-year anniversary of BTS’s formation prompted them to shift their attention to separate endeavours early this year.

J-hope, a rapper, dropped his first full-length album, Jack In The Box, in July. ‘Jack In The Box’ takes the J-Hope the world has grown to know and love over the last nine years and sets that figure alight,’ NME noted in a five-star review.

But from the ashes rises a star much more exciting and formidable than before, and seemingly unstoppable. This past month, Jin released his debut solo tune, “The Astronaut,” which Coldplay helped write.

According to NME, who gave the album four stars, “Vocally, this is the BTS star at his captivating best,” by lowering his voice into a somewhat deeper register than is typically expected of him.

By doing this, he is able to give his intonation a new, silky quality without watering down the emotion that is always present in his singing.

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