BTS’ RM Explains Why He Doesn’t Consider “Mono” His First Solo Album

BTS’ RM Explains Why He Doesn’t Consider “Mono” His First Solo Album. RM and Lil Nas X teamed together to release a remix of “Old Town Road” as part of RM’s mixtape mono. This BTS member’s debut solo album, Indigo, is set for release in 2022.

The Meaning Of RM In BTS

The rapper changed his name from Rap Monster to RM because he felt it better represented who he is. There is some room for interpretation regarding the significance of Kim Namjoon’s stage name, despite his suggestion that the initials could stand for “Real Me.”

This is the name under which the member of the top-charting Korean pop group BTS performs and releases solo material. He has confirmed that 2022 will see the release of his debut solo album, Indigo, on which he performs as a rapper, songwriter, and dancer.

First Solo Album
First Solo Album

The Release Of RM’s Debut Studio Album, “Indigo,” Has Been Set For The Year 2022

The long-awaited news that RM has a new album has been confirmed for the fans. RM told Pharrell that his upcoming solo project is “90 per cent” complete during a “Musicians on Musicians” interview with Rolling Stone.

I’ve put out several mixtapes under the band name, but it was simply an experiment, he explained. Possibly my first proper solo record, I feel like I can say that now. However, it’s been something like a decade since we first appeared together. Bands and collectives play a vital role in K-pop.

RM is not just the head of BTS, but also the group’s main songwriter. Some of the group’s biggest successes, including “Boy With Luv,” “Life Goes On,” “Yet To Be,” and others were written by him and the other six members.

To continue, “And like I told you, I myself started my career as a rapper and as a poet,” RM said. Because K-pop is so eclectic, that was a particularly challenging aspect. It’s a mashup of Korean pop music, other images, social media, and other things. Extremely high pressure and high activity levels are the norms. So, it comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Mono, RM’s mentioned mixtape, debuted in 2018. The seven-song EP is still accessible on all the major streaming services, where it has amassed millions of listens from ARMYs. A debut date of December 2, 2022, has been set for Indigo by RM.

The BTS Members Pursued Solo Projects, Including RM, J-Hope, And Jungkook

RM has released solo material, notably the single “Bicycle” (2021), outside of his work with Mono. (As the only member of BTS to lack a driver’s licence, the artist frequently brings up his passion for bicycling and enjoying nature, a hobby that has since become a verb: “Namjooning.”

RM and Lil Nas X worked together in 2019 to create a new version of “Old Town Road” called “Seoul Town Road.” Together with the rest of BTS, he gave the first performance ever by a K-pop group at the Grammys, where they sang this song.

As a result of BTS’s decision to focus less on collaborative projects, some of its members have begun releasing solo material. There’s also Jungkook from Charlie Puth‘s “Left and Right” music video. An appearance by Jin as “The Astronaut” at a Coldplay concert. J-Hope was the first Korean musician to headline Lollapalooza Chicago.

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