Future Diary season 2 Release Date Status, Cast & Other Updates!

One of the most popular anime and otaku series was The Future Diary. Even the most recent viewers are wondering if the show will ever return after almost a decade of no new episodes.. Sakae Esuno’s future diary, Mirai Nikki, is also known by this name.

The Anime first aired in Japan in 2011, when it made its debut. A total of 12 volumes were published serially by Kodakawa Shoten’s Shonen Ace Magazine; the first was released in 2006 and the final volumes were released in 2010. First, let’s discuss whether or not Anime Future Diary is going to make a return in Season 2 of the anime.

Future diary season 2: Release Date

In the event that you’ve just finished watching the Anime and are left with the impression that the storey is lacking, there is some good news. Because the first season of Ben 10 ended on such a cliffhanger, the show’s creators decided to make an OVA episode to give fans a satisfying conclusion.

The season 8 finale aired in June 2013, which was a long time after the season 1 premiere. Due to Netflix’s global distribution, the show has grown in popularity and is now among the most-loved anime of all time. The second season of Future Diary has been officially cancelled due to a lack of current source material and the fact that the story was already completed in the previous season. This means that the diary will never return to any site, including Facebook.

Future diary season 2: Cast

There are three primary characters in the show. The protagonist, Yukiteru Amano, is without a doubt the most important character. He’s the centre of attention during the entire show. Yuno Gasai, the protagonist’s female counterpart, is second only to him in importance. Everything that happens in the story is a result of her frequent switching between other timelines.


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Also featured prominently in the series is Deus, the creator God of all of space and time. In order to avert the end of the world, it is he who takes the first step. Minene Uryu and Keigo Kurusu, the two biggest competitors of the game, are also important characters in the plot. Another important figure is a mayor named John Bacchus, who is responsible for the murders of Yukiteru’s parents and other family members.

Future diary season 2: What will happen to the future diary?

Season 1 of Stranger Things was released on Netflix and has since attracted a global audience and is once again a hot topic of conversation. There’s a good chance the author will pick up where he left off and make a sequel movie out of this scenario. As you may expect, this is the long-awaited audience that has been eagerly anticipated.

Despite the fact that no official announcements have been made, it is feasible that something may be announced at some point this year. The chances of this happening are extremely slim, but as we’ve seen in the otaku community, when we let go of our expectations, something unexpected happens. Season 2 of the journal may also suffer the same fate.

Future diary season: Storyline

First-time listeners will fall in love with this story to the depths of their hearts. The tales are numerous. Yukiteru Amano, a fourteen-year-old boy. On his smartphone, he chronicles the events in his life as they unfold. Yukiteru’s only friend, deus ex machina, transforms his mobile phone into something he never imagined.

A 90-day forecast is now possible because to the smartphone’s ability to predict events up to a year in the future. Having a smartphone that can predict the future is a dream come true. When Yukiteru realises that he is in the middle of a game that his dear friend or deity Deus has halted, things take a turn for the worse.

The only goal of the game is to eliminate other players who possess the same gift of foresight. There are now approximately 11 individuals, one of which is a close friend of yukiteru, who are holding the same future diary. Because he has been stocking yukiteru since his school days and is psychotic, that pal isn’t normal.

Now you know what it’s like to be one of the eleven people who can see into the future while also being in the middle of a combat zone. There will be a slew of requests after this story concludes and the future diary’s different abilities are revealed.

Future diary season 2: Trailer

In the end, it can be said that the show brought such a serious thrilling experience to the viewers that can’t be forgotten.

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It’s a pity to see the series not releasing a second season. so there is no trailer of season 2.

Final Lines

It’s no secret that I’m a huge admirer of futuristic anime, and Future Diary is one of the best examples I’ve seen in recent memory. However, if you have just finished watching the first season on Netflix, you may still watch the last episode that was published two years later, which contains the solution to all clip hangers.

We hope the creators get back to work on the second season of The Future Diary as there has been a lot of anticipation since Netflix’s global release.

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